Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are you?

My craft name is Sgeir. That means something along the lines of 'rock in the sea' and stands for strength, to me. I am 23, and I have self-injured since I was 14, on and off, though I am not currently afflicted. I am British and I am an eclectic Pagan. My personal website is here.

2. Are you medically qualified?

No, I am not a medical professional. Information on this site should not replace the advise of medical doctors, nurses or therapists. My degree is in religion, as it happens, and I have written this website purely as someone who has suffered from self-injury and because I have not seen any other resources for Pagans on this subject.

3. I am a reconstructionist Pagan and this website doesn't have much to do with my tradition.

I have tried to make this website as inclusive as possible but I cannot do much to cater for strict reconstructionists as I lack the knowledge of the ethics of the various groups and how best, within their faith, to approach dealing with SI. If you could provide the information, I will include it here.

4. Self-injury shows that your faith is wrong, and that you should follow X religion.

This is an argument from a minority of prosleytising religions. However, Pagans are by no stretch of the imagination the only faith group among self-injurers. It is not a problem of faith but affects people of all religions and none.

5. I think my friend might be self-injuring, how do I approach the subject?

Your friend might be hoping you wlil bring the subject up with them - it can be very hard to tell someone about it. You can bring it up in conversation, and show in doing so that you would not be disgusted or frightened if your friend were to admit to it. You could say that you have read a book or seen a TV show, movie or website which had something about SI in it, and work it into the conversation from there. If your friend oes not then say that they SI, do not press them, but let them know that in general you are there for them if there is ever something wrong, and will help them.

6. How is this site funded?

This site receives no funding from any public or private body. It requires no outlay of funds as Yahoo!Geocities is a free server, run by advertising revenue. I receive no money from the advertisements on this site and I do not endorse any product they may be selling. I will not ask any visitor to this site for any money, donations, memberships etc. This is a free resource.