Full Name: Trinket St. Blaire

Age: 12

Trinket is a high-schooler trapped in a middle school world, or at least she acts like it. She's always looking for a way to be better dressed, more chic, or to spend more of her father's money. She's constantly on her cell phone (usually with someone named "Marie", but we don't know who that is), and she occasionally drops not-so-subtle hints about how other people can improve their style.

One of Trinket's most memorable moments is when she announced an entire season of Hazelnut Middle School soccer games. Her colorful comments ("The culprit: tainted lip gloss.") and interesting insights ("Unless you're a desk-hugging, socially inept freak...") made her announcing days ones to remember.

Most Memorable Quote:

"And it's a real bloodbath out there! Ew, I just grossed myself out." - "Soccer Season"

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