Full Name: Charles Pearson

Age: Unknown

Children: Pepper Ann and Moose Pearson

Charles "Chuck" Pearson makes a living as a blimp pilot. He works hard, and never misses the chance to talk to or see his two daughters. Chuck also loves baseball, and has tried to pass on his love of it to Pepper Ann with minimal success. He and PA's mom get along, though it seems that Lydia tries to avoid him or impress him when he comes to visit Pepper Ann and Moose.

Chuck's most interesting apperance was on Thanksgiving, when he flew the "Nice Week" blimp in the Hazelnut parade. He surprised not only Pepper Ann and Moose, but their entire family as well.

Most Memorable Quote:

"I'd like to say a happy Thanksgiving to my two daughters back in Hazelnut: Pepper Ann and Moose!" - "Thanksgiving Dad"


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