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My addiction to LEGO® began as a gag Christmas gift about 14 years ago. Being the big kid that I am, 1 bucket led to over 300 sets and over 50,000 pieces. I have spent 100’s of hours playing with these little blocks.

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5 Early Creations

- A Cathedral featuring a full interior with choir loft
- A Town featuring a town hall, police station, apartment building, and court house
- A very early Castle that opened to display the courtyard
- A neat little Castle with the gate house attached at an angle
- A large Castle with full interior (precusor to Ed Boxer's LEGO® Castle)
Ed Boxer's LEGO® Castle
I was truly honored when Ed Boxer's LEGO® Castle was selected as the first "Cool LEGO® Site of the Week":

In this large, sophisticated castle with many rooms and levels, Ed has created a masterpiece. Even Space fanatics agree this is a gem. Interesting commentary accompanies more than a dozen photos. Most impressive is the attention to detail at all levels, from the decorative balcony and turret tops to the skilled use of color throughout. This model will be an inspiration to builders for years to come, and we are proud to select it as the first Cool LEGO® Site of the Week.

In addition Ed Boxer's LEGO® Castle was featured in the November-December 1996 issue of LEGO® Mania Magazine; was also voted "Best Model on the Web for 1996" by the members of Rec.Toys.Lego newsgroup; and lastly, is featured in the LEGO® Creator Activity book (pages 125-126).

Ed Boxer Goes Downtown
I was again honored when "Ed Boxer Goes Downtown" was selected as the "Cool LEGO® Site of the Week" for the week of March 23-29, 1997:

Cool LEGO® Site of the Week's first winner Ed Boxer is at it again, this time putting together a high-rise business district featuring a variety of architectural styles -- just as you might see in an actual older city. There is a bank, a department store, an art gallery, a pizzeria, a newsstand, a seven-story office tower, a park, a town hall, a three-story mall with working elevator, a police station, a luxury hotel, and a bar & grill. Many of the buildings open up so you can see what's going on inside.

Ed Boxer's Crown Cathedral
I am truly humbled that "Ed Boxer's Crown Cathedral" was named the "Cool LEGO® Site of the Week" for the week of December 28, 1997 - January 3, 1998:

This week's pick is Ed Boxer's third Internet-showcased LEGO® masterpiece: a beautiful, modular cathedral covering an area more than 11 standard 32x32 baseplates. Like Ed's castle two years earlier, this is simply a must-see for all LEGO® fans...

Ed Boxer Goes to Enfield

Photos with commentary of my tour of LEGO's headquarters in Enfield, CT. Included are photos of the grounds as well as models built by the Special Events division.

Ed Boxer's LEGO® Sets List

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