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Subject: RE: HELLO
Date:    Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dear SWL/Spank with love

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, asking our Lord for many happy returns for us all.

Thank You very much for clarifying this issue for me. I found the information in the e-mail you sent me extremely helpful. I am a very religious christian person. I pray a lot. That is why i found the experiences surfacing within me very difficult at first. but your e-mail made things more calm and bearable. I will take your advice with the cautions it contained into deep consideration.

Allow me to once again show a lot of appreciation for the informaiton contained in your website and hope that it will be a safe guidance for all parents. however i do ask you to bridge your website to the majority of parents in the middle east and for one good reason. a lot of parents in our area simply and blindly immitate the discipline ways they received from their parents. in the past, our area was very primitive in their views on correct discipline. a mistake would encourage a mother or father to just welt their children with a leather belt or stick regardless of the pain they subject their children to or to number of blows. up till now a days, rearing up children and discipline in the middle east gets very quickly corrolated in the mind of the parents with the belt.

I firmly believe that discipline doesn't have to be corrolated with violence. even spanking your children for any mistake done doesn't have to be in a violent way. the punishment probably should hurt and be correcting but it doesn't have to be violent or with violent implements such as the belt. Parents are a source of passion and comfort for their children. when a child suddenly sees his or her parent hurting them its sometimes confusing and hard. That is why the child has to know why he/her is punished and for what purpose and in a non violent way. a parent should always remember that at punshiment time he or she is infliciting massive pain on the child. It has to be done effectively after a thorough explanation and with love, away from any violent behavior that might cause difficult feelings to errupt within a child.

from the age of 8 till 15, i was punished four times with the belt by my mother. My mother was the person that punished me and my siblings in the house. She used the leather belt well on us when she had to. I resented the belt because it literaly torchered me. At one instant one of the lashes caused a deep burn on my thigh and caused an area of about six centimeters on my thigh skin to wrinkle. the number of lashs would sometimes reach 20. She would use it on our behind and legs. However what made it bearable was the fact that she was a person that flooded us with a lot of beautiful sentiments. She was a very good example of a mother. we love her and literaly adore her. before or after the beating she would explain to us why she gave it to us. as i said i resented the tool and not the idea. today we are mature people that underwent discipline in our childhood by understanding aware parents and no harm was acheived.

i greatly hope that awareness be spread in our society between propper punishment and violent punishement. a strict mom in the middle east that wants to rear up her children should understand that if she wants to be strict and discipline her children she doesn't have to put them to torture. leather belts, crops and excessive pain tools shouldn't be used. I believe the hand, slipper with a leather sole or wooden paddle (paddles i believe are designed to hurt but not to leve excessive welts) are good tools, when there be need to use them. I do believe that the sole purpose of child rearing is to help children grow up and mature them as balanced adults away from any torturing experiences that they may have to live with for the remainder of their lives. the human mind is not like a computer, with one touch on the delete button anything can be erased from our minds. it stays there. I call on all parents globaly to remember that they have to supervise thier children untill they reach the harbor of maturity where they can pilot safely on their own in their life and be balanced parents in return.

Thank You again and hope that the blessings of christmas touch everyone of us.

Subject: Spanking question
Date:    Saturday, December 24, 2005

I'm a 22 year old girl. I've never been spanked in my life but recently it was mentioned to me that my attitude was intolerable (which I agree, as of late my attitude has gotten bad), I wasn't being respectful and that it was never too late to start spanking. In fact, I was told that I would be spanked in the very near future if there wasn't some improvement. First off, what is your opinion of that and second, if I do get a spanking, what am I to expect? Do you always have to take off your pants and panties? How long does a spanking last? What position should I be in? I am curious as I've never even been swatted once on my bottom.

Subject: From H....
Date:    Saturday, December 17, 2005


I am H(...)

And I am 34 and deserve a blister bottom and and no one here to spank me I have to spank myself wanted to know if you know how I could spank myself and have it so it hurts so I will learn to be good. I weigh 230 and have a big bottom. Thank you

Subject: (none)
Date:    Monday, December 5, 2005

I really want my new parents to spank me and i dont know how to get them to. I was never tought anyting untill now because my real mom and dad were big drugies and never tought me anything. I want to learn and i know my new parents would hit me but i dont know what to do to get them to.


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