Becka Ann Rose

All About the EldestHello.  As the eldest of the five sisters, I tend to take on the mother figure of my sisters. Though we only span about 10 minutes in age, our personalities are extremely different.  Sure, there are things, here and there that make us similar...but besides our looks and birthdate, we're as different as any siblings.

I'm currently enrolled with my sisters at the local state college majoring in Zoology and minoring in biology. I hope to become either a vet or a science teacher. I enjoy the great outdoors...a long hike, camping overnight, or just going to the park!

Name:  Becka Ann Rose Mitkem
Nickname:  None, everyone calls me Becka
Birthday:  October 6, 1982; 6:11:55 am
Astrological sign:  Libra
Blood type:  AB+
Favorite color:  Green & Yellow
Hobby:  Hiking, Gardening, Swimming, & Camping
Favorite food: Chocolate
Least favorite food:  Red Meat
Favorite subject:  Zoology
Worst subject:  --
Has trouble with:  Prissy Girls
Strong point:  Not afraid to get dirty Dream:  None...take everyday as they come
Favorite gemstone:  Opals

The great outdoors, my favorite place to be.  The Flora and Fauna of the world is what I love!
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