As I said I have never personally known anyone else who owned a Metzendorf Travel Trailer.  I have found references to ones that were manufactured from 1957-1962; and lengths seemed to run from 13 to 15 feet.  But, I had been unable to find out much about the manufacturer (or when they went out of business).  The Metzendorf Trailer Manufacturing Company was located in Phalanx, Ohio.  If anyone has additional information on this company, I'd love to hear it.

I know my parents bought our Metzendorf in 1957.  Ours was 15 foot in length, and very cozy for a family of three.  I slept very comfortably on the front bed made from the dinette.  It was a very basic travel trailer with none of the appliances and other things that many expect (or need) today.  But, it was a wonderful little trailer that we towed all over the USA and Canada before trading it in for a 1962 Fan Travel Trailer with a toilet and a gas refrigerator (my mom never liked the ice box).

I will have to find a picture of our old Metzendorf and scan it sometime.  Meanwhile, I was thrilled to find a 1960 Metzendorf on eBay.  The pictures provided a nice trip down memory lane, and I was pleased when I was given permission to post some of those pictures here.

I remember the exterior was always shiny like on the picture.  My Dad tells me that the exterior was similar to the aluminium used to make cans, and does not oxidize like other aluminium tends to do.

This 1960 Metzendorf is presently still available:

If you have a vintage automobile, you have got to have this trailer!!! You will never again find anything like it. The overall condition of this little Metzendorf is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! You would never know that it was 40+
years old. It was a much loved trailer and well cared for. If you have any questions, please email: