There are many excellent websites, both about Paganism and about self-injury, and these are my favourites. Suggestions are welcome.

Self-Injury Websites

Secret Shame the daddy of the self-injury websites, this is professional, and highly informative. If you read no other SI website, read this one.

The Lysamena Project on Self-Injury this is a Christian site about self-injury, with some good information and the like. The only other site which addresses SI from a religious viewpoint (and indirectly the inspiration for this site), it is definitely worth a link even if some of the information is not too useful for Pagan SI-ers.

Self-Injury: A Struggle a website containing personal writings of people who self-injure, their thoughts, poems, artwork, etc. Also a large quotes section with quotes applicable to SI.

Safe Haven the large, active message board from the above site.

Recover your Life the new home of RuinYourLife, this site has information, lyrics, poetry, a message board etc for SIers and related issues.

SIARI (Self-Injury and Related Issues) British site with information, words from sufferers and news.

Self Injury Support aims to be a non-triggering site, and has a list of referrals.

Blood Red information and ideas for how to stop SIing.

Body Image Betrayal and Related Issues deals with issues such as child abuse and eating disorders alongside self-injury.

Self Injury Abuse Trauma Directory just what it says on the tin, this site provides links all over the web.

SAFE (Self Abuse Finally Ends) is an American organisation treating SI and which has a treatment centre.

LifeSigns a British self-injury organisation which aims to promote awareness of SI. I am a member of this one, I think.

Young Minds Offers booklets on mental health information (including SI) for young people.

A Gentle Touch not strictly for self-injury, but a whole host of related issues including incest, rape, depression and others, it also has an excellent links section with links to all kinds of things.

Pagan Mental Health Websites

Stepping Through to Recovery a Pagan approach to 12 step programmes

A Ritual for Catharsasis from Proteus Coven.

Counselling Basics for Wiccan Clergy

Pagan Websites

The Witches' Voice (WitchVox). An excellent online Pagan magazine, with the biggest set of Pagan links you ever saw.

Wicca For The Rest of Us A wonderful site with basics about Wicca, dispelling certain myths about Wicca, clearly presented and not so harsh as other sites.

Covenant of the Goddess has decent information, pretty site, I liked it anyway.

The Pagan Institute a bit thin at the moment, but they're attempting to gather all the Pagan scholars out there and create an academic site for Pagans.

Wild Ideas fascinating site with a lot of varied information and links.

Twilit Grove the Esoteric Archives. Many many texts, which are absolutely excellent.

Cantrap a site about magic and magical technique.

The Wiccan Rede Project variations, history, interpretation of the Rede.

General Websites

Universal Class offers classes in just about everything, online. I haven't actually checked the site out yet but it was recommended to me.

The Internet Sacred Texts Archive any religion you fancy, its all in here. Including the internet book of shadows.

Old Norse Names Related to the Gods you might find this useful if you are of a Norse bent and after a craft name/pseudonymn.

Dan Clare's Necromonicon Page debunking the various myth's surrounding H P Lovecraft's (fictional) creation.

The H P Lovecraft Archive. I like Lovecraft, what can I say?

Sanguinarius for real vampires. BIG trigger warning on this one, as naturally-enough it deals with blood quite a bit.

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