Stephanie's Page
I didn't know Stephanie Kinghorn.  Maybe you read about her in YM magazine. Maybe you knew her.

Someone sent me a link to an article about her, and it didn't seem fair to me that something so tragic could be able to happen.

I put up a link to her website and a memorial to her.

Then recently I recieved an email from her sister Melissa. She sort of opened my eyes to a place I hadn't imagined. She showed me, in a way, what it's like to be a survivor of suicide. What its like to be someone left in the aftermath. Left to feel the pain and loss of someone you really loved.

I decided to expand this section a little bit, because it shows a more well-rounded sense of what suicide really is. What its really like when a beautiful young girl takes her life before she got the chance to live it.

If you're thinking about suicide... take a moment to really think about how the people around you would feel. Read through all the memorials for Stephanie. Look at her sister's website, at the pictures of happier times, at how much people loved this one girl. Then think about how many people love you.

Try to get help. If you're considering suicide, give life a trial run. Get help, you have nothing left to lose, right? Nothing left to lose and everything to gain.

Now for the links...

Stephanie's Page (read the guestbook especially)

Stephanie's sister Melissa's Page

A memorial site

it's too late to save her. but what about yourself?