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Pet Health Links

Pet Rescue Spay and Neuter Info.
Neuter Scooter for a Nickel-Fort Worth, Tx
Free spaying/neutering surgery to qualified families-Houston, Tx
DHS offers a low-cost spay/neuter/immunization program-Denton, Tx
List of Texas Shelters, many of which offer low cost spay/neuter.
Your Pet and Disaster Preparedness
What's Really in Pet Food? An API Report.
Pet Population Control and Animal Birth Control Links
Heartworm Information
Vaccination Schedule
LABMED has links to web sites containing information on poisonous insects, animals, plants, and man-made products. Some offer antidotes.
How To Read Laboratory Tests
Pet View Online Expressing your dog's anal sac or glands.
American Veterinary Medical Association presents: Care for pets.
Mar Vista Animal Medical Center Home Page has information on pet surgeries, vaccines, medicines and much more.
POISONOUS PLANTS List of some of the plants that are poisonous to dogs.
Dogs Are Gods Some good dog treat recipes are here.
Dog Treat Recipes Some more good dog treat recipes are here.
FDA article on the approved drugs to treat two different behavioral problems affecting some dogs. Separation Anxiety and Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome.
The Missyplicity Project Home page for the Missyplicity Project, which seeks to clone a dog for the first time in history - a specific dog named Missy.
Preferred Pet Health Plus Get pet insurance coverage for your dog or cat.
Alphabetical Index - Dog info Answers to health questions by a veterinarian.
The Gable tells you how you can help pets and wildlife.
Healthy Pet Hospital locater, pet survey, newsletter, care tips, library, etc..
Petmax Naturals HIP HEALTH is the connective tissue support supplement made especially for dogs. Find out more about it here.
Pfido is your guide to the wonderful world of dogs. Take the Dog Lifestyle quiz. Get some good health tips.
Francis's Canine Health Center resource for pet care, training, nutrition--alternative and holistic resources emphasized!
VETNAT homeopathic remedies for animals Homeopathic remedies are very inexpensive and virtually free of side effects. The biggest advantage of homeopathic treatment, though, is that the remedies stimulate the vital force.
CANINE EPILEPSY Information, treatments and solutions for veterinarians and owners of dogs with canine epilepsy.
Dog AID (Assistance In Disability) Dog AID is a U.K.-based national charity which specializes in helping people with physical disabilities to train their OWN pet dogs.

Allergic to Your Dog?

Dogs Considered Good For Allergy Sufferers

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