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~ Anime Links ~

Adri's Anime Fan Site - A beautiful site with great fanfics and art, as well as lovely wallpapers and several image galleries - all from assorted animes.

Animanga Serivces - Anime/Manga site with lots to see, do and buy.

Animation-Web.com - News, forums, chat, link directory and lots more - for all types of animation.

Anime405 - All sorts of anime website/webmaster resources.

Anime Art - Just what the banner says - more anime art than you can shake a stick at. ^_~

Anime Globe - Galleries, lyrics, series info, and more.

Anime Hunters - Online store (doujinshi, trading cards, etc.) plus fanart, multimedia and more.

Anime Lab - Links, links and more links. Chat, reviews, auctions, galleries and tons more.

Anime Nation - THE place for your every anime-related need.

Anime Notebook - Great mailing list for anime/manga related fanfics, fanart and other fan works, as well as anime/manga discussion in general, and other related topics - like writing, art techniques and more.

Anime Project Alliance - Anime club at Cal State University, San Marcos

The Anime Web Turnpike - Probably THE biggest collection of anime related links on the 'net.

Aniverse Networks - Anime links, wallpapers, skins, comics, chat and more.

Bishounen-O-Rama - Adorable site all about bishies. :)

Cozy Paper - Lovely, lovely, lovey!!

The Elf Dragon's Linkage - Links to fanart, fanfic and related sites. :) Big thanks for featuring my link!! :D

Everything Anime - One of the best anime/manga sites around. Huge collection of anything and everything anime related.

Fanfiction Links - Lots of fan fiction links. :)

Fox's Robotech Page - Lots of different Robotech links to a wide variety of types of sites (i.e. - multimedia, fanfics, fanart and more).

Moon Princess.com - Lovely Serena/Usagi and Darien/Mamoru dedicated site. :)

Otaku World - Anime and Manga Theme Guide - Lots of great links and more.

The Official Robotech Site
Robotech.com - the Official Robotech Website - The Official Robotech Site

Robotech Museum . Com - A museum of Robotech Collectibles - everything Robotech!!

Sailormoon . org - Major Sailor Moon site - you name it, they have it.

Tomodochi Anime - Links, galleries, mecha, mp3s.

Tuxedo Mask dot Com - Cool Sailor Moon Site.

Winner Enterprises - Gundam Wing site dedicated to Quatre - great fics, beautiful art and lots more.

Winter Stars' Palace - Nice site with images and more.

~ Assorted Links ~

The Canada Page - Stefka's (a *Wonderful* Voltron fanfic author) site.

Devil's Due Comics - Comic books - they're the ones doing the new Voltron comic!! Go now - visit!!

Diana Gabaldon Home Page - One of my favorite authors.

DMOZ - A human edited link directory.

Drowning Artists . Com - Gorgeous artwork, fics and lots more - check it out, it's well worth your time. :)

Jacqueline Carey's web site - A wonderful author - I can read her work over and over!

Laurell K. Hamilton's web site - Another wonderful author - one of my favorites!

Rat Star Arts - Art by Ericka - Beautiful artwork - I'd recommend this site to anyone who enjoys fantasy-type artwork.

Shack's Fanfiction Clearinghouse - Tons of fanfic related links.

Stuff - A massive collection of links - tons of fanfic links!

The Wonderous Worlds of Terry Brooks - My very favorite author - a very talented man.

~ Voltron Links ~

A Mighty Robot - Voltron cel gallery

ABC-KID . com - Voltron - Voltron pics for kids.

Absolute Anime - Voltron - Tons of Voltron information.

ADEQUATE.com Voltron Explorer - A nice, informative site - featuring mostly Vehicle Voltron.

Allura's Bedroom - Character bios, fanfics, fanart, You Know You Watch Too Much Voltron When...

Allura and Keith - A lovely site dedicated to Keith and Allura (who else? ^_~) - fanfics, character bios and more.

Anime From Japan . Com Episode Listings - Voltron - Voltron Info.

Aqua's Den - Voltron fanfics and more!

Beyond Denubian - (fromerly Tales from the Denubian Drive-In) A very large site with tons of fanfics and more!

Blazing Sword . Net - Voltron!!!

Carl's Voltron Page - Character bios, images, etc.

Castella's Voltron Universe - Voltron Link List

Castle Doom - Voltron fansite with a Doomian twist.

Castle of Lions - One chapter of a promising fanfic!

CBJam's Voltron Pages - A collection of the webmistress's fanfics.

The Chronicles of Doom - Another pro-Doom site - nice site although it hasn't been updated in quite awhile.

Completely Voltron Page - Mostly images, another site that hasn't been updated in years.

Cossack the Terrible's Tour of Planet Doom - Woo-hoo! Go Cossack!! ^_~

Crystal Rose Dream's Voltron Page - Small, but very promising, collection of fanfics.

Cybertoon's Cartoon Resource Page #2 - Voltron info, including an episode list.

Daughters of Arus - Great site with a Sven and Romelle shrine - wonderful fanfics and fanart. :)

David A. Tatum's Anime Fanfic Page - David's fantastic fanfics and more. :)

Dawn & Shawn's Spot - Really good fanfics from assorted series - including Voltron. :)

Dormammu's Page of Crap - Voltron Section - Interesting (Voltron) review - cool pics.

Dusty's Really Bad Homepage - Down for an overhaul, but there's another link down a bit - Forty One Seventy Three Studios where you can find Dusty's fanfics!

Voltron, Defender of the Universe Episode Guides - Self explanitory... ^_~

Voltron, The 3rd Dimension Episode Guides - This one's self explanitory, too. ^_~

Even Space Explorer's Get The Flu - Stefka's Voltron Fanfiction Site - great fan fiction!

The Exotic Garden of Voltron - Fanfics, fanart, Voltron quiz, polls and more! :)

The Final Star - Lotor/Allura fan site - very nice start!! :D

Forty One Seventy Three Studios - Dusty's fanfics - go and check them out - Dusty is clever and witty and his work reflects that!! :D

Full Moon Over Arus - Page for the Vbeta mailing list

Futurizmo Anime - Voltron article.

Galaxy Garrison - A Vehicle Voltron site - not many of those around.

The Heart of a Lion - Collection of webmistress' fanfics.

The Hunk's the Real Hunk Fan Club Site - Site dedicated to Hunk, tons of fanfics, fanart, and so much more! Unique, fun and clever, if I do say so, myself.

Internet Movie Database - Voltron Section - Just what the title says...

The Inviolable Church of Keith and Allura - Has a great section on romantic moments between Keith and Allura - this could have been a terrific site, but it looks abandonded. :(

JewelleBean's Site - Cute site. :)

Kat the Fan Girl's Website - fanfics, fanart, and more - Kat's a talented writer, make sure you check out her works!! :)

The KAEX Archives - A wide variety of wonderful fanfics from numerous authors - plus lots more. :) - Mostly with a Keith/Allura theme.

Kevin Michael Richardson's Website - Kevin was the voice actor for Hunk and King Zarkon in (the now defunct) Voltron: The Third Dimension.

Kieth's Voltron Fanfics - Small collection of fanfics, character bios, and such.

The Lame Voltron Site - The title's deceiving - this site has great fanfiction! :)

Legacy of The Drules - KK60's RPG site - KK60 is one of the sweetest (and zaniest) people around Voltron Fandom - a wonderful author and an all around fun person.

The Legend of Voltron - Another Voltron RPG.

Legends of the Denubian Realm - Neogorbash is a very talented artist as well as an amazing storyteller - wonderful site, wonderful artist, wonderful person. :)

Lions Of Arus - Another site full of great fanfics, fanart and more! :)

Lions Of the Cosmos - Wonderful site - go visit! :)

Lotor . com - A very nicely designed Lotor site - lots to check out!

Lotor, Prince of Doom - Fanfics, fanart, wallpaper (of Lotor), sounds, images and more. :)

Mea's V4 Site - Great site with tons to see and do - it's been a long time since it was last updated.

Mega-Thruster's RealPlayer Gallery - A few audio clips - hasn't been updated in a long time.

Mission Arus - Fanfics - funny section called "Things you never want to hear a fanfic author say." :)

More Voltron Tales - Tons of wonderful fanfics - go and check it out! :)

My Princess Allura Shrine - Images, sound files - most of the links don't work - it seems abandoned.

The Narrow Path Between the Darkness and the Light - Webmaster's original fanfics!

New Alliances - Voltron email RPG. :)

Otaku World! Anime and Manga - Voltron Desktop - Voltron desktop.

The Paladin of Arus - Lovely site - fanfics are a great read!

The Planet Arus Home-Page - Nice sized site - seems abandoned, though...

Planet Doom - One of the best Doom sites around!

Planet Doom Screencap Archives - Nice, medium-sized, Image Gallery. :)

Planet Polix - Sven, Sven and more Sven - what more needs to be said? ^.~

Planet Xanthar - Character bios, fanart, fanfics and more

Prince Lotor & Captain Keith - This site is wonderful - it has fanfics, fanart, and so much more - one of my favorite sites. :)

A Princess and Her Knight - This is one of the first Voltron sites I found years ago - the fics are great, but it's been ages since it was updated.

Purrsiathunder's Link Listing - Links, links and more links. Purrsia's sites are great - and she has *many* sites... Go, check them out! :)

A Rayne Storm: One Writer Unblocked - Excellent Voltron fanfics (as well as fics from other anime series).

The Royal Archives - Sounds, fanfics, images - doesn't seem to be updated anymore.

Sakh's Voltron Site - Fanfics and more! :)

Scarlett's Voltron Center - Fanart, fanfics, and more - really nice site, but it hasn't been updated in a long time.

SG-B's Hyaku Ju O Goraion Site - A Golion Web Site. As far as I know this is the only site dedicated to Voltron's original Japanese form.

Shannon Muir's Voltron Pages - One of the most comprehensive Voltron sites around.

The Shrine of Two Warriors - Shrine for Vampire Hunter D and Prince Lotor.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Lotor - Fanfics, fanart, etc., - just what the name implies, dedicated to Prince Lotor. :)

Son of Keith - Very nice site, great fanfics.

Sons and Daughters of Doom - RPG, fanart, fics and lots more - nice site! :)

Starpulse . Com - More Voltron info!

The Storycenter - Fanfics (mostly Lance-centered - I've really enjoyed all the Voltron fics!) - you can also find fics from other series (some yaoi). :)

The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of... - Lovely fanfics - I like the soft look of this site. :)

Sugerlite's Prince Lotor Shrine - Another Lotor shrine - great fanfics, art and more.

Sven's Place - Sven shrine - nice start! :)

Tales of Arus - Nice site - Sailor Europa has lovely fanart and her fics are worth the read. (Right now it seems this site is under re-construction.) :)

Taryn's Voltron Dimension - Fanfics, fanart and lots more - even some Voltron yaoi. :)

Turbo's Site! - Turbo is a wonderful artist and writer, as well as an all around sweetie! Go - check out Turbo's wonderfulness! :)

Voice Chasers - Anime - Voltron - Voice actors! :)

Voltron: Chronicles of the Lions - Small site - start of a fanfic, but not much more.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe - Some info and images.

Voltron's Dorm - You want funny? Well, here it is!!

Voltron Force . Com - The Official Voltron Website

The Voltron Force . Com Forum - Official message board.

Voltron Force Haven - Episode guide, info, sounds, videos, pics and more - haven't checked it out myself, so I don't know if all the links work.

The Voltron Game Page - Adoptions, beautiful fanart, games, ask Pidge and tons more. This is one of my favorite sites in part because of the obvious hard work and dedication put into it. :)

Voltron Image Archive - Extensive image gallery as well as some downloadable eps.

Voltron Lions Awakening - RPG

Voltron Online Site - Not too much at all - looks like it's just starting up.

The Voltron Sanctuary! - Lovely fanart, creative fanfics - site is being overhauled.

Voltron the Great - Looks like a fanfic.

Voltron Toys - Pics of Voltron toys.

The Voltron Trilogy - Some fanfiction, not much more.

Voltron Universe - Info on all three Voltrons - pics, stats and more! :)

Voltron World!!!!! - Fanart, fanfics and more, including Voltron Park (a funny spoof of South Park). :)

Voltron Zone - Info on Voltron - been *years* since last updated.

Warning: Flying Lions Ahead - Fanfics - hasn't been updated in a long time.

World Events Productions, Ltd. - Official Site.

When Lions Roar - Small library of fics by assorted authors. :)

Zarkon's Locus: A Voltron Fan Site - Site's just getting started, but so far it looks great - it's brought to us by the one and only Kyence (of Reyk's Retro Reel Review) and that in itself makes it worth a visit!! :D

Zejan's Voltron Lair - I can't even find the words to tell you how talented Zejan is - without a doubt, one of the most talent artists and writers I have ever known.

~ Voltron Mailing List Links ~

Albegas - Albegas Voltron II discussion

Allura's Arus - RPG

Denubian Tales - General discussion, Lotor, Lotor/Allura centered fan works.

Gay Voltron Fanatics - Voltron discussion for gay fans.

Harem Tales - Dedicated to Lotor and his scribes.

HRH_Fan_Club - For the newsletter for members of The Hunk's the Real Hunk Fan Club.

The Keith and Allura Express (KAEX) - General discussion, Keith/Allura centered fan works.

Legacy of the Drules - RPG.

Legacy of the Drules Discussion List - RPG .

The Lion's Keep Updates List - Notification list for when I update my site. :)

Lion Soul's Voltron Club - General discussion.

The Mighty Voltron - General discussion.

The_New_Voltron_Force - RPG

Paladin Update List - Updates for Paladin of Arus Website.

Planet Arus - RPG

Prince Lotor and Captain Keith - General discussion, fan art, fics, and more - dedicated to Prince Lotor and Captain Keith.

Sven and Romelle's Mailing List - General discussion, Sven/Romelle centered fan works.

Steve's Voltron Castle - General.

The Legend of Voltron - RPG

'true' vehicle voltron society - Vehicle Voltron - general discussion.

Unoffical Voltron Fan Club - ???

Vehicle Voltron - VV fics, art, and more (formerly Vehicle Voltron Advocates).

Voltron_Aces - Voltron round robin.

Voltron Central - Updates for Purrsia's site - Voltron Central, as well as general discussions.

Voltron_DefenderOfTheUniverse_GoLions - General discussion?

Voltron Fandom - This is the list that started the Voltron Fandom Awards.

Voltron Fan Works - Fanfics, fanart - all pairings, all types of work.

Voltron Force - general/RPG?? Not sure.

Voltron_Force - I think it's an RPG, but it's hard to tell from the description.

Voltron The New Alliances - RPG

Voltron the New Beginning - Fanfic and general.

Voltron: VBETA - General discussion, fanfics, fanart, etc.

Vying - Voltron yaoi.

ZVML - Zejan's Voltron Lair - the mailing list.

~ Voltron Webring Links ~

The Anti-Heroes of Voltron Webring - General - for the Doom side of things.

CVPS (Classic Voltron Preservation Society) Webring - General.

Foxi's Ring O' Voltron - General.

Keep Lotor Good Looking Society Webring - They really messed Lotor up in V3D (poor guy) - this ring is dedicated to those who want to keep Lotor good looking.

Love's Labor Won - Dedicated to sites that feature Keith/Allura - although it seems the ring is now defunct. :(

Voltron's Ring of Fic Writers - Voltron Fanfiction.

The Voltron WWWebring - General

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