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in 'dog show', ren and stimpy are owned by george liquor, american (although nick bleeped out his last name!?). he wants to make winning specimens of them and shows us how he acheives various things like shiny bottoms. (nick cut the whole episode i think because it thought it was cruel to animals. it is, but they don't suffer in the end). all those that fail the pre judging (by mr horse) are eaten by a massive dog. there is a very funny scene where a small yapy dog is bouncing around on his owners hands for ages, and mr horse is just stood there, looking at the dog, then to the owner, and back to the dog. then he looks at the camera and you know the dog's gonna get eaten. not before it begs for it's life though. ren gets through pre judging, but stimpy does not (well, he is a cat...). however, this is until george liquor goes mad and grabs stimpy, and rams him in mr horses face until mr horse gets well scared and lets stimpy pass. however, stimpy fails in the next round, and ren suggests that george go in for the competition. (ren seems to have a habit of making smart remarks to george, and then quickly realising and covering his mouth while george boils up). george decides it's probably the best chance they have. so he enters himself, complete with shiny bottom, and stumpy tail sticking up beneath his trousers (nick thought this was something else and cut it out). he of course ends up winning.
another episode that starred george liquor, called 'mans best friend' was possibly the one that got john k fired. george sees ren and stimpy in a pet shop, wen they morph into very normal looking dog and cat. he takes them home, and they are pretty happy. however, it doesn't last. george empties his goldfish bowl onto the floor, and after flapping around a bit, the fish gets in georges car and drives off. (later in the episode, ren takes the piss out of george saying his fish took his car, before realising what he's said, and covering his mouth. it's more funny than that though.) ren and stimpy are sleeping in the fish bowl when george liquor wakes them up. he subjects them to intense discipline training, including telling them that they are not allowed on the couch, and then ordering them to get onto the couch so he can discipline them. he goes crazy yelling at them to get on the couch, and ren and stimpy are just holding each other scared out of their heads. however, ren gets his own back when george wears a protective suit and tells ren and stimpy to attack him - they must be able to attack to protect their master. at hearing this, ren really perks up, rushes to grab a massive oar, and starts smacking george around, saying georges lines back at him ("it's discipine that begets love") and laughing maniacally. stimpy tries to stop him, telling ren that george is their master, but ren doesn't care (in fact in he tells stimpy that he's next!), he smacks george round the face with the oar in glorious slow motion, and then when george falls to the floor, he continues to beat him up until gorge is left there, his face mashed, and arms slightly twiching. when he comes round, george squeezes out of the suit (he's just in his pants, like the sketches on the left) and ren fears the worst. this is the funniest ren and stimpy moment ever made, no doubt. however, george congratulates ren, and george in his pants, and ren and stimpy, all with one of georges lawn cigars (can you guess what they are?) start dancing together. nick cut this whole episode and it was never aired on tv. they hated georger liquor so much that they gave him back to spumco. john k continues to use him in his own show.

i was lucky enough to recently acquire an uncut video from the states with this and other episodes on it. i'd like to share it with other r+s fans, and so a copy will soon be available on ebay (UK) once i have bought a video that plays ntsc tapes.
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these are pictures from the slow motion oar in face bit. it's even more funny in motion as georges face gets truly mashed. the bit just after this where georges right eye (as you can see, rather displaced in shot three) falls down his face and big red eyelids blink over it is kinda bad...