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the first spumco episode was called big house blues. this pilot contains many, if not all the scenes that make up the intro sequence; it's own intro consists of two still pictures. the ren and stimpy music also plays when they have a party in the pound and are dancing.
ren and stimpy are run over by the dog catcher who then puts in the pound. at first they are happy as they get to have fun and dance with all the other dogs. then phil the dog gets put to 'sleep'. ren also feels a little tired and so plumps up stimpy and uses him as a pillow. that night, ren has a nice dream and ends up passionately kissing stimpy - stimpy is awake though and puckers up! (cut out by nick) - before realising what he's doing, and then washing his mouth out in the toilet. eventually ren realises that you don't come back from the big sleep, and that they need to get out of there. stimpy meanwhile can no longer hold back his hairballs and coughs one up onto ren, making him look like a poodle. a little girl wants to take him home and he is so happy to leave, but he cannot stand to leave stimpy behind bars, so he pleads with the girl to take stimpy. she agrees, and they live happily ever after, even getting presents of a sweater for ren and gritty kitty litter for stimpy - his first material possesion.
ren whispers sweet nothings to stimpy and kisses him on the lips. he's dreaming of something else (maybe...)
rens been poisoned after kissing stimpy, and has to wash out his mouth. stimpy looks kinda happy though...
in 'stimpys invention', stimpy is a rather gifted inventor of many things. one invention, the stay put socks that never fall down (they are full of glue) that ren tests out makes ren go mad, shouting out 'you seeck leettle monkey, i weell keell you!' before mashing his head on the floor until it goes all mushy. upon seeing this, stimpy thinks maybe that ren is sad (as the squelching noise continues on in the background) and makes an invention to make ren happy - the happy helmet. he smacks it on rens head, and starts controlling rens mind, much as ren tries to fight it. the more ren resists, the higher stimpy cranks up the happy until rens' mind is taken over. ren then proceeds to do tasks around the house like ironing and cleaning filthy cat boxes. the helmet makes him act slightly strangely. the next morning, ren is sleeping peacefully, and stimpy, fearing ren is somewhere being sad, turns ren on by making him happy. ren appears at the foot of the stairs, shaking and wobbling, one hand on the bannisters, one on his knee to keep him semi upright, and is greeted by stimpy, who has bought his favorite record, happy happy joy joy, by stinky wizzleteats. the two then dance together to this record until ren manages to get a hammer and mash the helmet, and eventually break it off his head. then he tries to kill stimpy, but realises that he loves being so angry, and thanks his friend. he also goes a little insane however. 
rubber nipple salesman is definitely one of the best episodes ever made. it features ren and stimpy as salesmen of stimpys invention, the rubber nipple. they go round to a couple of houses (unfortunately the visit to george liquors house never made it past the story board - he was gonna scale and gut ren and stimpy like fish) including the fire chief, who flattens ren with a massive shovel, thinking he is a circus midget, and a very paranoid mr horse, wearing rubber gloves over his hoof hands and pulled up over his legs. this is one of the finest scenes i have ever seen. mr horse is convinced they are fbi agents, and cracks. 'ok, so i made one mistake, can't a man start over?! do i have to keep paying!? maybe i should make another mistake, maybe two more?!' ren and stimpy are crapping themselves, and ren is crying 'please man, we just want to sell you some rubber nipples...'. he opens his box, and mr horse sees that they are just salesmen, but doesn't have any use for rubber nipples. he does however, pull a massive walrus out of his house and asks ren and stimpy if they have any rubber walrus protectors. the walrus, in barely a wisper pleads with them 'call the poleeeeeece...'  then stimpy wants to do some selling, and they try a fairly normal husband and wife. they buy the whole lot and give ren and stimpy 5 bucks. they then kick ren and stimpy out of the house, onto some nearby bulls who rampage off into the distance, ren and stimpy on their backs.
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