ren hoek and simpson j cat
without a doubt, the finest cartoon creation there will ever have been. to me anyway.
basic synopsis - a loving and faithful, if not slightly fat and stupid cat, stimpy, lives with a skinny, short tempered mexican asthma-hound chihuahua who occasionally descends into insanity, ren. these two best friends loved each other very much, and had many fun adventures with each other. also within their world were a crazy mr horse, who didn't like much, an evil muddy muddskipper, powdered toast man, and the scary weird
george liquor, american! 
in my experience, you ask anyone what they thought of ren and stimpy, and they'll say sometimes it was superb, others awful. and they'd be right. the first season episodes were amazing. episode details will follow on the next pages.

john k, the creator and original voice of ren was fired i think after the first season of r+s. the reasons given by nickelodeon were that the episodes were always late (this may have had something to do with nick demanding edits and cuts to all the episodes), ren was too mean to stimpy, and there was too much violence and farting and stuff. i think john k may have been been fired just after an episode called mans best friend, starring george liquor. ren beats him up with a big oar for a few minutes. he may be a kinda skinny asthma - hound chihuahua in need of huge pectoral muscles, but you don't really want to piss him off.

however, after nick (and games animation) took over, the creativity had disappeared, and the show got crap. whereas before, ren was always friends with stimpy, and they looked after each other (he just couldn't express it very well), under nick, ren just hated stimpy. there was more needless violence and farting / booger stuff than before, much more wilbur cobb (that old guy who is only good in 'stimpys cartoon show'), and episodes still came out late. this was all due to the complete lack of ideas that nick had. also, in the spumco episodes, when ren went insane, it was always the result of stuff that built up during the shows, and made sense. nick just had him mad all the time though, and it never made sense. also, the endings were just awful from nick - the episodes just kinda stopped...

and so very soon poor ren and stimpy died a stinky death. john k moved onto different things at spumco, and is using george liquor (nick gave him back to john k cos they thought he wasn't very nice) in several new projects - he even has his own show, which is pretty cool. there is also a cartoon (well, not finished yet, and i can't find it but there used to be a cartoon) called weekend pussy hunt starring dirty dog, and cigarettes the cat, and that was pretty cool also. but it'll all be compared to ren and stimpy, and it's just not the same...
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