Pepper Ann Voices

I got this list from Juan F. Lara's Pepper Ann Episode Guide, which is no longer up. I also added a couple one-time voices. If anyone knows of any other particular special voices (i.e. a character that appeared is just one episode) that aren't listed here, please e-mail them to me at Also, if I have a listing that is incorrect (I placed a ? by those I'm unsure of), please e-mail me and let me know. Thanks to Rayden for this idea!

Voice Character(s)
Kathleen Wilhoite Pepper Ann Pearson
Danny Cooksey Milo Kamalani
Clea Lewis Nicky Little
April Winchell Lydia Pearson
Lillian Lilly
Ms. Abriola Stark
Sherie Spleen
Milicent the Militant
Pamela Segall Magaret Rose "Moose" Pearson
Don Adams Principal Herbert Hickey
Jeff Bennett Dieter Lederhosen
Shelf McLain
Craig Bean
"Pink-Eye" Pete Ogilve
Nedward Diggety
Mrs. Lederhosen
Giraffe head ("Megablades of Grass")
Bump the Gas Pump ("Quiz Bowl")
(?) Emmitt
Jenna Van Oy Trinket St. Blaire
Kath Soucie Cissy Rooney
Gina & Tina
Mrs. Little
Supermodel Mindy
Cree Summer-Francks Tessa & Vanessa James
Luke Perry Stewart Walldinger
Kimmy Robertson Gwen Mezzrow
Susan Tolsky Aunt Janie Diggety
Tino Insana Uncle JoJo Diggety
Maurice LaMarche Leo Lilly
Chuck Pearson
Adam Wylie Crash
Paddi Edwards Vera
Kathy Najimy Coach Doogan
Margot LaSandre
Jim Cummings Mr. Roland Carter
Mr. Little
Don Lake Mr. Sherman Finky
Bebe Neuwirth Ms. Bronte Bladdar
James Avery Mr. Clapper
Ellen Cleghorne Nurse Oomla
Julia Sweeny Ms. Carlotta Sneed
Wallace Langham Wayne MacCabre
Lauren Tom Alice Kane
Candi Milo Constance Goldman
Kenny Blank Lamarr Abu Dahbi
Tara Charendoff Brenda ("Old Best Friend")
Karen Duffy Sketch
Meridith Scot Lynn Poison
Brittany Murphy Tank
Mark Hammil Himself ("Complimentary Colors",
"Portrait of the Artist as a Young Milo")
Evel Knievel Himself ("Beyond Good and Evel")

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