A lot of episodes of Pepper Ann deal with true sitations. However, every once and a while there comes one that hits the nail so squarely on the head that it's almost impossible to ignore. Take "P.A.'s Life in a Nutshell", for example. The relationship between PA and Lydia is so realistic that we can all practically see ourselves having the same or close to the same argument with one of our parents. Something else I've noticed is that these excessively true episodes are re-run less often than the regular episodes. I kept track and, compared to the nearly six times that every other second season episode was re-run on ABC, "P.A.'s Life in a Nutshell" was only shown three times, including its premire date. So I thought that maybe I could offer up a bit of the truth right here by putting up transcripts of the episodes that really hit home. To begin, I have the transcript for "Strike it or Not", which is about the very real world of teaching and teacher strikes. I plan to eventually have a transcript to "P.A.'s Life in a Nutshell", as well.

You can read the transcript two ways:

1)Read it on the site
2)Download it and read it with Microsoft Word.

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