Full Names: Tessa and Vanessa James

Age: 12 (most likely)

Tessa and Vanessa are twins and proud of it. They love being together, and hardly ever argue. Not only do they finish each other's sentences, but they also constantly compliment each other. When they do argue, it's about which of them is cuter; they always insist the other is the cute one.

If there's anything these twins are proud of, it's their African-American heritage. They even studied it for their heritage report in Social Studies.

Gossip is another thing Tessa and Vanessa love. They're the gossip editors for Hazelnut Middle School's newspaper, "Hazel Nuts 'N' Bolts". Though the "Rumor Retraction" section is full a lot of the time, they still enjoy their job, and think that, even though they're not celebrities yet, they should be.

Most Memorable Quote:
"We're not celebrities, even though we should be." - "Crush and Burn"

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