Full Name: Stewart Walldinger

Age: 12 (most likely)

Though he was once described by Pepper Ann as "represent[ing] everything that's wrong with the seventh grade," Stewart Walldinger is far from it. He has a few typical geeky qualities--glasses, bad fashion sense, "bookishness", and an interest in remote control car racing--but he is more than a stereotype.

Stewart is a very interesting individual. He has his own way of speaking--"fully" is one of his most-used words--and he has specific interests, including going out with Nicky. He and Nicky are a perfect match, except for their clashing hobbies. Stewart loves to race remote control cars while Nicky loves the violin. Despite their differences, Nicky and Stewart usually get along.

One of the most surprising things about Stewart is that he's friends with some of the coolest eighth graders. It seems like he can fit in just about anywhere, and chatting with the eighth graders is one thing that just comes naturally. In the words of Sketch, "He's beat!"

Most Memorable Quote:
"Oh, fully." - "Presenting Stewart Walldinger"

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