Full Name: Abriola Stark

Age: Unknown

Ms. Stark is the over-eccentric math teacher at Hazelnut Middle School. She gets into her lessons, and is passionate about every aspect of math.

Though she's basically known for her odd teaching behavior, Ms. Stark has done other things, such as write the lyrics to the songs in the school musical, "Detention" (over which she and Mr. Clapper got in a fight); and taking her math class on a trip to the "Fuzzy World" theme park (which got canceled because of a lice epidemic). Oh well, we're sure Ms. Stark with think of other interesting things to do in her classes.

As for any love in her life, word has it that Ms. Stark and Mr. Carter had a thing for each other...twice! We're not sure where that one has gone, or where it will go, if anywhere.

Most Memorable Quote:

"And so, the square root of a negative number results in...an imaginary number!!" - "Pepper Ann's Day Off-Kilter"


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