Many sounds from Pepper Ann are a funnier in context, so I tried to stick with ones that are funny on their own. I'll be making an effort over the next several months to replace all the old sounds with newer, cleaner ones, as well as add another ep's worth of sounds.
Note: All sounds are in *.wav format.

Sounds Recorded by Me

From "Crunch Pod"
Competition - Pepper Ann has no doubts that Milo is Hazelnut's best Crunch Pod player.
Need Sleep - Pepper Ann has yanked Milo out of bed to go to the Crunch Pod competition, and he does not want to be awake.
You're So Lucky... - Dieter admires the fact that Nicky is friends with the Crunch Pod champ.
Query - Milo wonders why Pepper Ann is so excited about the Crunch Pod competition.
Poetry - Milo's wise words of the Pod make one guy cry.
The King is Dead... - When Pepper Ann accidentally takes the title of Crunch Pod champ away from Milo, Dieter utters these words.
Chill - Milo tells Pepper Ann to cool it.
Fishstick Day - Milo assures PA he's not upset.
Found It - Where did Milo get his hat? Here's one story.
Nice Pod - Craig compliments Pepper Ann's pod performance.
Planet Pretender - Milo is not happy with how people are treating PA's Crunch Pod victory.
Welcome - Sir Helpsalot's strangely worded "Old English" greeting when Pepper Ann, Milo, and Nicky enter Burger Fortress.
Crunch This! - Pepper Ann and Milo yelling at each other while playing Crunch Pod.
Fight - An unsatisfied customer at Brain Dead.
Easy - Milo trying to calm Nicky down.

From "You Oughta Be In Musicals"
Can't Take It Anymore - Pepper Ann is frustrated.
Detention - Guess who's spent the most time there?
Fertilizer - Nicky thinks Pepper Ann can beat her boredom this way.
French Fries - The food Nicky can't help but have a craving for once and a while.
"I Can Go Higher!" - Just how big is Dieter's voice range?
Well, I Never! - Ms. Stark and Mr. Clapper arguing.
If You Don't Stop That... - Moose's threat to Pepper Ann.
Sandwiches - Dieter sings about sandwiches.

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