Below are lyrics to all the songs from Pepper Ann's third season premire episode, "You Oughta Be In Musicals". They're as accurate as I could get them, and I think I'm only off on a couple words. Plus there are the brand new MP3 versions of the songs, which you can download right from here. Enjoy!
Note: In all the lyrics, words in [ ] are spoken, not sung.

Important Note: If you cannot download the MP3 files, the most likely explanation is that the bandwidth for the site I store them on has been exceeded. You should be able to download them the next day.

Lyrics MP3 Files
Heck of a Town Heck of a Town.mp3
Chicken Chicken.mp3
Photosynthesis Photosynthesis.mp3
Sorry, World Sorry, World.mp3
You Are a Pretty One (Reflection's Song) Pretty One.mp3
Mac and Cheese (Interlude) Mac and Cheese.mp3
Enough Enough.mp3
One Alone (Pink Eye Pete's Solo) One Alone (Pink Eye Pete's Solo).mp3

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