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The One With Mr. Reason - aired 9/9/00

PA is upset that she has to take wood shop, partly because of the nasty stories she's heard about the teacher, Mr. Reason. So she starts a petition to get wood shop dropped as a mandatory class. However, when things she learned from Mr. Reason start to help her in real life, PA begins to reconsider.


"You want the Frenches of Fried or not?" - Mr. Reason

"Bladdar, hit the road. You're not Hemmingway and this isn't a sidewalk café in Paris!" - Mr. Reason

"Angry teachers, when kept in proper perspective, can be quite entertaining." - Milo

"My life is unrecyclable trash." - Pepper Ann

"Would you like to sign a petition to ban sudden shouting in our school?" - random kid in gym class

"I'm documenting his angriness in a boxed set I'm calling, 'Raisin' the Roof with Mr. Reason: The Surly Semester'." - Milo

Goofs & Notes:

This is the only other ep I know of in which Nicky's sister, Becky, is mentioned.

Mr. Reason is never mentioned before this episode.

The kid who asks Pepper Ann to sign his "ban sudden shouting" petition appears to be the same kid who shouted (!!), "Hey everybody, Pepper Ann's gonna beat up Alice Kane!" in "A No Hair Day".

PA can be heard whistling the show's theme song when she comes down from climbing the "big rope".

This is the only episode in which PA sings well instead of in her usual, scratchy voice.

Sense and Senseless - aired 9/9/00

In light of the upcoming Spring Fling dance, PA goes on dates with three different guys, all with different personalities and tastes. She can't decide which she likes the best, and ends up consulting a book called Men Are Like Cars, Women Are Like Tennis to help with her dilemma. However, following the book's "advice" only gets her into trouble with all three guys.


"Oh, look, the SUV of Doom!" - Bud

"Not cool, Pearson. Not cool." - Craig

Milo: "What does the book say about this?"
Gwen: "Vroom, vroom!"

Goofs & Notes:

Joaquim first appears in "Doppelganger Didi", but his name isn't mentioned.

The title of this episode is a twist on the Jane Austen novel, Sense and Sensibility.

Forging Ahead - aired 9/16/00

PA gets sick of her mom telling her what to do, so she decides to get her upper ear pierced as an expression of independence. But there's a problem: the piercing parlor won't allow minors to get anything pierced without a waiver signed by their parents. When PA can't convince her mom to sign the form, she decides to forge Lydia's signature.


"You heard the bald, pierced, growling man..." - Nicky

"We don't send forgers to prison. We send them to work at the Hotdog Heaven." - piercer

Goofs & Notes:

Although Nicky gets her ears pierced in this episode, she's never seen wearing earrings in later eps.

Reality Bytes - aired 9/16/00

While attempting to do research for her history project over spring break, PA becomes hopelessly addicted to the internet. Nicky and Milo begin to worry about her, as they had a "walkabout" outing planned and PA shows no signs of getting off the computer or finishing her project.


"What about this suction-cup bud vase? It suctions a bud vase to any surface!" - Pepper Ann

"Why do I have to be the pig?" - Nicky

"I already downloaded the script and posted my review. It was l-o-l!" - Pepper Ann

"Peppie! You're not supposed to talk to strangers, be they real or on the internet!" - Lydia

Goofs & Notes:

There's no way PA could get a ten minute download time for a song on a dial-up connection, especially if she was doing other things while the download was going on.

Carmello - aired 9/23/00

PA wants to study a frog as much as possible before dissecting one in science class, so she asks Mr. Carter if she can take one home for the weekend. Unfortunately, PA starts to become attached to the frog -- which she names "Carmello" -- and ends up feeling that she can't possibly dissect him.


"Worry not, fragile state flora! This mower's goin' to the bottom of Lake Tammy!" - Milo

"How am I supposed to finish my report on the evolution of strudel anatomy if I keep getting logged off this thing?!" - Dieter

Strike it Or Not - aired 9/23/00

The teachers at HMS go on strike, protesting overcrowded classrooms and low salaries. At first, PA thinks they're just being greedy, but after she hears that the soccer program may be cut, she joins the strike and finds out some interesting things about the teachers that make them seem more "human" and their needs more real.


PA: "So what made you wanna teach, Ms. Bladdar? Do you wanna change the world, make the future a better place for your children’s children?"
Ms. Bladdar: "I won't lie; I'm lookin' for a man.

PA: "Well, if you won’t stand up for our soccer program, then I’m left with no other choice but to-"
Principal Hickey: "Cross stitch? Throw horseshoes? Jump up, jump up, and get down?"

"Class doesn't start until I get here; therefore, I'm never late!" - Mr. Carter

"So happy...can't breathe..." - Pepper Ann

"Unhand me, woman! Don't make me hurt you." - Milo

Goofs & Notes:

In "Family Vacation", PA says that she has to ride next to Crash for "3000 miles" on the way to Lake Tammy. Even if she was exaggerating, it still seems kind of weird that, in this ep, she suggests moving Trinket's party to Lake Tammy if the strike lasts for more than a week.

Milo doesn't say a single coherent sentence in the entire episode.

Mr. Finky's "Sherm 'Flyguy' Finky" jacket is first shown in "Cocoon Gables".

Principal Hickey mentions Burgess Meredith when he interrupts Superintendent Radcliffe's speech about who the budget cuts affect. Burgess Meredith was a bit actor and a movie actor with quite a long career.

Complementary Colors - aired 11/4/00

Nobody at HMS takes the office of class president seriously, so Principal Hickey invites a senator (?) to talk to the students and, hopefully, inform them about the nature of democracy. PA feels empowered by what she learns and decides to run for class president. It seems like she has it in the bag until Alice Kane joins in the running, and the mudslinging begins...


"A vote for Pepper Ann is a vote for integrity!" - Pepper Ann

"So, did I win?" - Mark Hamil

"Paws, claws, teeth, and fur, I voted for the otter!" - Milo

Goofs & Notes:

This episode always make me angry. Alice Kane is so nasty in it that I just want to jump inside the TV and slap her.

This is the last ep in which Mark Hamil shows up.

The Merry Lives of Pepper Ann - aired 11/5/00

PA accidentally ends up at the Renaissance Fair, and decides that she really likes the atmosphere. She creates a character for herself and begins to go to the Fair every day as an escape from reality. However, as she embellishes her character and makes new friends at the Fair, her real life starts to suffer.


"What is this 'algebra'? Some kind of torture?" - Giles

"No! Not Sir Talonsworth!" - Pepper Ann

"Can we have turkey legs for dinner?" - Pepper Ann

"Yes! My company owns the exclusive rights to yellow mustard! Now is your deli franchise ready to talk turkey?" - Crash

Milo: "Are you mad?"
Nicky: "No one's ever finished a game of Anti-Trust!"

Goofs & Notes:

Anti-Trust is a spin on Monopoly, right down to the hideous amounts of time it takes to play.

As far as I know, Giles/Gary never shows up again.

A Is For Average - aired 11/6/00

PA takes an IQ test in a magazine and is disappointed to find out that her IQ is average. She starts to believe that she can't do anything that's above-average, and Nicky tries to restore her self-confidence.


"Well, look who's the master of statin' the obvious!" - Shelf McLain

"Bunnies go through the holes...good bunnies!" - Nicky

"Like, check it out, Pepper Ann. My lips are, like, my canvas." - Cissy

"Me dollies have no heads!" - Shelf McLain

"Touch the tape and die." - Lydia

Alice Kane Went Down to Calcutta - aired 11/6/00

Alice Kane is going to move to Calcutta, and she tells PA that she wants to settle their differences before she goes. PA suspects that Alice Kane is up to something, and she's very paranoid about everything the two of them do together.

Goofs & Notes:

This ep marks the last appearance of the show "Laffotwn, USA".

There's a chance that this episode's title is a parody of the song "Devil Went Down to Georgia."

Spice of Life - aired 11/12/00

PA wonders if it would kill grouchy Old Lady Gruber to be nice for once. She's horrifed when she hears that Old Lady Gruber has died, and even more horrified when she finds out the woman was Vera's mother. Vera tells PA that Old Lady Gruber actually admired her for her spunk, and asks if PA would say a few words at the funeral. However, PA can't think of anything to say that doesn't sound hypocritical.


"Hey, would you guys start calling me 'Old Man Kamalani'?" - Milo

"Okay, I'm through." - Dieter

"Stop singing!" - Pepper Ann

Goofs & Notes:

In "Mama Knows What PA Did Two Nights Ago", PA tells her mom, "I had a nightmare that the Cutie Magootie Boys broke up." In this ep, PA mentions that a member of the group did leave to start his own solo career.

This episode is dedicated to Paddi Edwards, the voice of Vera. According to IMDb, she passed away in October of 1999, over a year before this ep aired.

T.G.I.F. - aired 11/12/00

PA fakes sick to get out of taking a hisotry test she didn't study for. Instead of using her "sick" day to make up the study time, she goofs off, and when she wakes up the next day, it's Friday again. At first, PA is delighted that she can re-live the day and that nothing she does will count, but she soon becomes bored and realizes that the only way to stop it from being Friday is to take the test.

Goofs & Notes:

This episode is a parody of the movie Groundhog Day.

Dear Debby - aired 11/13/00

One day, while reading the "Dear Debbie" advice column in the paper, PA finds a letter from a woman who is complaining that her husband never notices her and she never gets to spend any time with her son. PA assumes that this letter came from her Aunt Janie, and thereafter devotes her time to making Janie feel loved.

Goofs & Notes:

"Dear Debbie" is a parody of the advice column "Dear Abby".

Too Cool To Be Mom - aired 11/13/00

PA meets Constance Goldman's "cool" mother, Denise, and decides that Lydia needs to be cooler. Lydia goes along with PA's ideas because she likes the fact that PA wants to spend more time with her. But in the end, it turns out that sometimes just being "Mom" is better than being "cool".


"Peppie says it's off da hook!" - Lydia

Goofs & Notes:

This ep's title is a play on the original tagline for "Pepper Ann" ("Too Cool to be Twelve").

Moose in Love - aired 11/14/00

Moose gets her first boyfriend, but when Lydia discovers that this boyfriend is the son of her and Janie's arch-nemesis Margot LeSandre, she forbids Moose to see him again. Moose asks PA to help her meet him secretly.

Two's Company - aired 11/14/00

Nicky and Milo get ditched by Stewart and Gwen, and PA decides that the way to get everyone back together is for Milo and Nicky to make it look like they're a couple. Milo and Nicky proceed to hang out together without PA around, and they learn a lot of things about each other that they didn't know before. However, PA begins to feel lonely without her friends around...


"Who are you talking to, Very Lonely Girl?" - kid in the park

"I made a carnation! Or is it a mum?" - Milo

Goofs & Notes:

It seems kind of weird that Milo and Nicky didn't know all that stuff about each other, especially since they've been friends since kindergarden.

This was the last new episode of PA to air on ABC.

Zen and the Art of Milo - aired 11/15/00

Milo is recruited to a "half Zen academy", but has trouble fitting in there. PA does not make things easy when Milo decides to return to HMS. More about Mr. Finky's past is also revealed.


"Check the Craig-age!" - Milo

Unhappy Campers - aired 11/16/00

I haven't seen this ep yet! Feel free to deluge me with stuff about it. ;)

The Search for Pepper Ann Pearson - aired 11/16/00

I haven't seen this ep yet! Feel free to deluge me with stuff about it. ;)

The Word - aired 11/17/00

One day, PA discovers the word "frasny" written on the wall of the girls' bathroom. She doesn't know what it means, so she starts using it in conversations in an attempt to find out if anyone else has heard it. She only succeeds in turning it into the new "hip" word around school.


"Who's frasny now, huh? Who??" - Milo

The Perfect Couple - aired 11/17/00

PA throws Nicky and Stewart a surprise party since she considers them to be "the perfect couple". However, Nicky and Stewart fight constantly during the party and decide to break up. PA flips out and tells them that they must really be a horrible couple after all, which makes them stop and consider what they have together.


"I carved your faces into potatoes and we're gonna mash them together later! It's kind of a performance art thing. Milo's idea." - Pepper Ann

PA: "These two lovebirds grew closer with every chart-toping hit! Donnie and Marie!"
Milo: "PA, they're brother and sister."
PA: "ACK!"

Milo: "Hmm. Lydia uses the same fabric softener as my mom."
Gwen: "Smells mountain-y fresh, doesn't it?"
Milo: "Yeah. Yeah, it does."

The Finale - aired 11/18/00

Set in the future, this ep shows PA's 10-year HMS reunion. On the last day of 7th grade, a time capsule was buried, and in it everyone wrote about where they saw themselves being in 10 years. None of the things PA wrote about came to be, and she realizes that she also said some pretty unflattering things about the rest of her classmates. Thus, the misadventures ensue!

Goofs & Notes:

This was the last new episode of Pepper Ann, hence the title.

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