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Burn, Hazelnut, Burn - aired 2/6/00

PA publishes some particularly scathing reviews of Cameron Landisburg's movies in the school paper. Landi himself shows up at her door and accuses her of not knowing what she's talking about, so PA decides to make her own movie. However, she doesn't have any budget, actors, or crew, and when she goes to ask other people to help her with her film, they all want a say in the way it turns out.


"Peppie, just tell the nice man that we're happy with our current religion..." - Lydia

"We do it for the art. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go count my money." - Cameron Landisburg

"Well, aside from the fact that 're-stinky' isn't a word..." - Nicky

Goofs & Notes:

This is the first time Cameron Landisburg shows up. The quality of his movies and his "devotion" to "art" become running jokes in "The Untitled Milo Kamalani Project".

Career Daze - aired 2/6/00

Mr. Finky has his class take a career test to see which jobs they're best suited for, then he has them try out the career. Nicky ends up as a butcher, Milo is a stockbroker, and PA's a middle school principal! From this odd placement and from the problems they all have with their "new jobs", PA and her friends begin to realize that they can't rely on a test to tell them what's best for their lives.


"Um, Mr. Finky, I think you must have given me Shelf McLain's test results by mistake." - Nicky

"Stockbroker? Stockbroker?! ...What's a stockbroker?" - Milo

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" - Nicky

"Cry me a river, Herbert, cry me a river." - Vera

G.I. Janie - aired 2/7/00

Aunt Janie is asked to study the effect that violence in video games has on the people who play them. She rents a FunStation 8000 and several games. PA suggests that Janie try "War Monger", and Janie quickly becomes addicted to it. Not only does the game become the only thing on her mind, but she also starts to forget some of the values she's always promoted.


PA: "'Celebrity Stalker'...that's pretty self-explanatory."
Janie: "Oh my."

"I just unleashed the germ-based biological weapons, so we'll see which way the wind blows." - Pepper Ann

"The shelling! Make it stop! Make it stop!" - Milo

Goofs & Notes:

The FunStation 8000 is a reference to PlayStation. I believe it first shows up in "Have You Ever Been Unsupervised?".

The title of this episode is a twist on the movie G.I. Jane.

Miss Moose - aired 2/7/00

When Stewart and Lamar mistake Moose for a boy, PA starts to worry that her little sister isn't feminine enough. She tries to give Moose a wardrobe and hair makeover, but Moose is very comfortable with the way she already is, and is more in-tune with the "modern girl" than PA seems to be.


"You throw like a girl...who doesn't know how to throw a football." - Moose (to PA)

Goofs & Notes:

When Moose's "redecorated" room is shown, there's a brief glimpse of a band poster with three blonde guys on it that says "Bunson" at the top. This is an obvious Hanson parody.

Pepper Shaker - aired 2/8/00

When a small earthquake shakes up Hazelnut, PA gets jittery about the possibility of more natural disasters happening. In her usual fashion, she flips out and moves into a tent in the yard, even going so far as to make her own eating utensils. Nicky and Milo are worried about PA and attempt to convince her that her fears are unfounded.

Goofs & Notes:

This is the second time PA's dried mariachi frogs are mentioned. The first time is in her fantasy in "Family Vacation".

Flaw and Order - aired 2/8/00

Mr. Finky stages a mock trial based on the Boston Tea Party, and PA and Milo end up on the side of the Americans. PA thinks the case is open and shut and doesn't spend nearly enough time on her research. Instead, she assumes that everyone already knows why the American side should win.

Baggy Bean Buddies - aired 2/9/00

Lydia brings home a couple Baggy Bean Buddies, and PA becomes obsessed with collecting them after she finds out how much they're worth. Her room becomes overrun with Baggy Bean Buddies and she becomes fixated on getting the full collection.


"Actually, I just had twenty-six cups of Chill-Ade..." - Pepper Ann

"How could you do this to me? I'm your best customer!" - Pepper Ann

"Cool. Tundra Woman needs a new punching bag." - Moose

Goofs & Notes:

The whole "Baggy Bean Buddy" thing is a spin on the Beanie Baby craze.

The Beans of Wrath - aired 2/9/00

Aunt Janie starts teaching PA about organic food. When Mr. Carter assigns his class the project of growing their own garden, PA decides to make hers completely organic. She finds out that Dieter is growing his plants under artificial light and spraying them with pesticides, and she bets him that her organic vegetables will beat out his "garden of the future" when the assignment is done. But growing organic isn't as easy as PA assumed...


"You're not Aunt Janie at all, are you? Off with the wig, Dieter!" - Pepper Ann

Lydia: "Is this...?"
Janie: "Tofu coffee."
Lydia: "Real coffee! Now!"

"Tastes like...bacon?" - one of the judges

The Velvet Room - aired 2/10/00

One of Lydia's old friends comes for a visit. She has her own TV show that features nice houses, and she decides that she wants to feature the Pearson house. Lydia goes crazy redecorating to get the house "ready" for the show. Meanwhile, PA finds out that everyone in town has a special room or thing that they don't let their family use because they're waiting for a "special occasion".


"I am sick of you people and your velvet rooms!" - Pepper Ann

"Shh! The walls are talking to Todias!" - Todias

Goofs & Notes:

Why exactly does everyone invite PA into their house while she's walking down the street? They never do that before this ep or since.

This is the first time we see Milo's mother.

This is also the first time we see Vera's house and all the cats.

One Angry Woman - aired 2/11/00

Lydia gets called to jury duty and leaves Lillian in charge due to PA's recent irresponsibility. However, Lillian does her own thing most of the time and leaves PA in charge. PA goes crazy cleaning and making new rules, which Moose is none to happy about. Meanwhile, Lydia learns that things aren't always black and white as she deals with the facts of the case and the other members of the jury.


"You're gonna have to make me." - Moose

"What? She made some sense. I go hiking, I don't have spit for days." - woman on the jury

PA: "Did you hear that, Moose? Grandma left me in charge!"
Moose: "Yeah, she also left her teeth."

Goofs & Notes:

The Fuzzy Terror Picture Show is a parody of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Does anyone remember which ep they first mention it in?)

A second Rocky Horror reference is in PA's "living in your own filth" fantasy. Lillian walks by in the background singing, "Just a step to the right...", which is a line from the "Time Warp".

Both of PA's fantasies feature an announcer who is a parody of Robin Leech (sp?) from "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous". Someone with a similar accent can be heard asking, "How does it feel to be totally humiliated?" in "The Big Pencil".

The Sellout - aired 2/13/00

PA, Nicky, and Milo are psyched about going to the all-day Flaming Snot festival and spending time together while jamming to their favorite music. But when they go to buy tickets, Nicky and Milo get the last two, leaving PA ticket-less. The tickets become the center of several arguments, and in the end Nicky, Milo, and PA realize that all they really wanted to do was spend a day together as friends.


Nicky: "And while you're at it, why don't you take the shirt off my back?!"
Milo: "Control yourself, woman, you're in public!"

The Telltale Fuzzy - aired 2/13/00

PA finds an unmarked wad of money on the floor at the mall and uses it to buy the black velvet Fuzzy painting she's always wanted. Soon, she begins to feel bad about not finding the owner of the money, and goes about making up for it by being exceedingly "good" to everyone. But it's hard to keep what she did a secret...


"Where's the Christmas goose, Father? Where are the presents? And where is the nondescript money clip with all the money in it that your grouchy boss gave you for my operation?" - "Tiny Tim" kid in PA's fantasy

"I hate you, black velvet Fuzzy painting I've always wanted!" - Pepper Ann

Goofs & Notes:

The title of this ep is a twist on Poe's story, "The Telltale Heart".

A Valentine's Day Tune - aired 2/14/00

PA is bitter about Valentine's day, mainly because of incidents involving her parents' divorce. After a bad day at school, PA is visited by three Valentine's Day spirits who show her why she hates Valentine's day and what her life will become if she remains cynical towards it.


"Why did I ever like you? You're a boy named Cookie!" - Pepper Ann

"I said I come from beyond! Does Nicky come from beyond?" - "Effie" spirit

Goofs & Notes:

This ep is a typical cartoon parody of A Christmas Carol, right down to the title. The fact that it's about Valentine's Day instead of Christmas makes it a bit of a classic. ;)

Sammy's Song - aired 2/15/00

Everyone loves Pyramid peanut butter, but one day Aunt Janie discovers that skunks can get their heads stuck in discarded containers. She starts a protest and the company puts out a new container, but the design allows gophers to get stuck instead! PA is angry and starts her own protest group, but they don't quite know how to deal with the problem.

Permanent Record - aired 2/15/00

Nicky gets detention for talking in science class, and she becomes obsessed with erasing it from her permanent record.


"Hey. Hey!" - Shelf McLain

"Would a sane person use the word 'gaa-gaa'?" - Pepper Ann

"I tried to tell her it was time to go to class, but she insisted on saying goodbye to every one of your pencils." - Milo

Supermodel Mindy: "Oh Reginald, I wish this date never had to end!"
Ernie: " name is Ernie..."

Live and Let Dye - aired 2/16/00

PA decides to assert her individuality by dying her hair green. Everyone loves the change and wants to hang out with her. But soon PA realizes that all people care about is the fact that her hair is green; they don't know who she really is. Meanwhile, Lydia enrolls in country dance lessons to meet men and ends up acting like someone she's not in order to impress Tex, the dance teacher.


"Even after cooking it, I don't know what chicken-fried steak is." - Lydia

"I have to go pretend I know how to do the booty-tushy-pushy-hop." - Lydia

Nicky: "Hey Milo, is that J.T.T.?"
Milo: "Nicky, that is so last year. Hey, are those the Backstreet Boys?"

"I am more than just the girl with green hair!" - Pepper Ann

"How about we just walk, and not talk?" - Trinket

Lydia: "Goodbye, Harold. Good luck with whatever it was you were talking about for three hours."
Harold: "I love you..."

Goofs & Notes:

This episode marks Bernie's first appearance, and (correct me if I'm wrong) the beginning of Lydia's only relationship that lasts more than one epsiode.

Paul McCartney & Wings did a song called "Live and Let Die", which the title of this ep may be a play on.

Remote Possibilities - aired 2/17/00

Nicky and Stewart haven't had a lot of time to spend together because Stewart is preparing for a remote control car rally. Their relationship becomes strained and PA decides that the way to save it is for Nicky and Stewart to take up each other's hobbies. The only problem is that Nicky hates RC racing, and Stewart isn't into classical music.


"If you'll excuse me, I have to go do Shelf McLain's remedial math homework. Two times two is four, three times three is an unholy nightmare!!" - Nicky

"Stewart! I didn't realize it was you massacring that ditty!" - Nicky

"Pepper Ann, Marilyn Manson is not Paul from 'The Wonder Years'!" - Nicky

"Touch me, and I'll shove a 'crude, yet mystical' digging tool up your nose." - Pepper Ann

"'Tis a fool who changes for another!" - Milo

Goofs & Notes: has a page about the "Marilyn Mason is Paul from the Wonder Years rumor. You can read it here. (Note: Snopes contains some bizarre things. Any links you follow there aren't connected to here and could be weird.)

Considering Constance - aired 2/17/00

Constance is sick of being so shy, and she decides that, if she hangs out with PA, maybe she'll learn to be cooler and more outgoing. At first being PA's friend is helpful, but when PA wants to turn Constance into a copy of herself, Constance reconsiders what being "cool" really means.


"I owe me this milk, Moyra!" - Constance

"Hey, I know a kid named Constie!" - Milo

"Heavy syrup...very heavy..." - Pepper Ann

"Stupid, stupid, stupid!" - Constance

Goofs & Notes:

I'm assuming that the big pen PA and Constance win in science class is just a spin-off on "The Big Pencil".

As far as I can remember, this is the ep where we find out the name of the lunch lady.

To Germany With Love - aired 2/18/00

Dieter makes a video about Hazelnut and sends it to his father in Germany. It contains many interesting things about Hazelnut, but try as he may, Dieter can't find the one thing that makes Halzenut unique.


"Stop it! This is personal-size pizza!" - Dieter

"Move it, Dieter, you're blocking the Jacob Dylan! He didn't mean it, sugarlips. Wait, this is Bob Dylan!" - Trinket

Bye Bye, Trinket - aired 2/20/00

Trinket transfers to an all-girls school, and a lot of people are sad to see her leave HMS. PA, on the other hand, isn't very upset, as she and Trinket were never good friends. Nicky observes that this is unusual behavior for PA. Due to this, PA does a full turn-around and throws Trinket a going-away party.


PA: "How do guys bond?"
Milo: "With the exception of sporting events and bachelor parties, we basically bottle up our feelings 'til we die."

"Wait! Your hair smells like roses!" - Dieter

"Dieter, you stretched out my desk!" - Trinket

P.A.'s Pop Fly - aired 2/20/00

PA's dad takes her to a baseball game, and they inadvertently catch the ball from the 700th career home run of a baseball star. Despite the fact that selling the ball could bring in a lot of money, PA wonders if it wouldn't be better to give the ball back to the star, since it's a souvenir of a big moment in his career.


"Peppie, I begged Mom to take me to the Expo. They have knee pads that scream in agony when you hit them!" - Moose

"The disillusioned ballplayer on the screen is right! No laser-pointing in the theater!" - theater usher

My Mother, Myself - aired 2/21/00

PA and Lydia each think the other's life is easier. In a freak accident involving the passing of Floyd's comet, they switch bodies. They try everything to switch back, but nothing works. Finally PA and Lydia must face the fact that they'll have to live each other's lives until they can find something to return them to the right bodies.


"You just thank your lucky undies you're not me!" - Pepper Ann & Lydia

Lydia: "Well, if that's not a signal to go to bed, I don't know what is."
PA: "It's only five-thirty!"

Goofs & Notes:

Trippy Tuesday = Freaky Friday, and Large = Big.

This whole ep is kind of a twist on Freaky Friday.

The Amazing Becky Little - aired 2/22/00

Nicky's sister, Becky, comes to visit for Mr. and Mrs. Little's anniversary. Everyone remembers Becky and her achievements very fondly, and Nicky begins to feel inferiour and jealous. Meanwhile, PA and Milo sign Nicky up to audition for the Hazelnut Junior Orchestra, since the prize for getting accepted is season tickets to the Realto (and they want to see Flaming Snot's "Intimate Acoustic" tour). But Nicky's fear of swans has prevented her from finishing "Swan Lake" in past auditions...


Nicky: "I'm afraid of swans, all right?!"
PA: "Have you tried picturing them in their underwear?"

"Okay, are we swan-bonding, or what?" - Nicky

"Nicky, seeing Flaming Snot's 'Intimate Acoustic' tour is my life's goal. If we don't get tickets, I will have failed that goal." - Milo

"Why do you keep hitting me with that white, spherical object?" - young Nicky

Mrs. Little: "[Becky] could never bench-press more than twenty pounds."
Nicky: "Is that why I always had to carry in the groceries?"

"Their prices are clinically insane!" - Milo

"C'mon, PA, everyone knows that Becky's birthday is on the 8th. Pisces!" - Milo

Goofs & Notes:

This ep is the culmination of Nicky's passing, "Remember the time a swan chased me up the..." line in "Crunch Pod". To me, it's a bit over the top, but then again, there are four stories of Milo's hat, so who am I to talk? ;)

Becky is never mentioned before this episode.

I don't know if I picture Nicky being that odd of a little kid. I can see her more as one of those kids who always had her nose in a book, kinda like Gretchen on "Recess".

Here's another amusing PA/Monkees thing that I'm sure was unintentional: Milo says that Becky's birthday is "on the 8th" and that she's a "Pisces". That makes her birthday March 8th, the same day as Monkees drummer Micky Dolenz.

The Untitled Milo Kamalani Project - aired 2/23/00

Milo inadvertently wins an art contest by submitting an "anti-art" piece. Part of the prize is free "supervised" studio time, which Milo intends to use to do real art. But nobody wants to see his real art anymore, so Milo starts to sell out in order to be recognized...


"I stapled a sock to a piece of cardboard! I sent you anti-art!" - Milo

"Did you ever notice how people never sneeze on roller coasters?" - Milo

"I'm just holding the chowder." - Pepper Ann

Goofs & Notes:

I can kind of identify with this episode, as I detest when people sell out to become or remain popular. It's a rather sad commentary on the way things really are.

Guess Who's Coming to the Theater - aired 2/23/00

PA invites both her mother and her father to see the play she's performing in at school. Lydia wants to bring Bernie, and PA goes crazy worrying about how Chuck will react to seeing the two of them together. So, in an attempt to even things out, she finds Chuck a date, and there are some interesting results.


"I'm sorry. I thought you were on fire." - Pepper Ann

"'Guess who's coming to'...nothing! Oh, it captures the ambiguity of life itself! We'll have to do another performance for the critics, and the mayor, and the pope!" - Ms. Stark

"It's Será, like the song." - Será

PA: "She wasn't Milo's aunt. She was just some lady I picked up out of the gutter."
Lydia: "I figured as much."

Goofs & Notes:

This is the second and final time that Bernie is seen.

The full title of the song that both Será and Bernie refer to is "Que Será, Será".

The Great Beyond - aired 2/25/00

Steve the Cat gets sick and has to stay at the vet to be monitored. PA is afraid that Steve will die and decides to find out what happens to people and animals when they pass on. The problem is that nobody seems to know for sure, and PA isn't ready to face the possibilty of letting Steve go until Craig tells her about how his late grandfather lives on for memories.

Goofs & Notes:

The scene with PA and Craig in the graveyard is possibly one of the greatest PA scenes ever. One, the total lack of awkwardness in their conversation. Two, Craig playing an acoustic. Enough said. ;)

Jaybirds of a Feather - aired 2/25/00

Moose is going to join the Jaybirds, a local scout troop, and PA wants to be her mentor. However, it turns out that PA never earned her last Jaybird badge when she was seven, and so she re-enrolls in order to become a full-fledged Jaybird. Only she starts going a little overboard...

The Way They Were - aired 2/27/00

PA, Milo, and Nicky remember what it was like when they first met back in kindergarten. PA was the new kid, Milo was shy, and Nicky was a bully.


"It's not germs! The doctor said it's a temporary bacterial infection. It'll be gone in two weeks, tops!" - Pink-Eye Pete

Goofs & Notes:

Working with the fact that PA premiered in 1997, it follows that the date for the flashbacks in this episode is 1990.

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