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You Oughta Be In Musicals! - aired 9/11/99

PA is bored with her routine and tries out for the spring musical, "Detention". She falls off the stage during the audition and when she wakes up, her life is a musical.


"Why are you guys rhyming?" - Pepper Ann

"The singing? The dancing? The spontaneous orchestral accompaniment? What's going on?" - Pepper Ann

"Why are there chickens dancing on our couch?" - Pepper Ann

"What is she talking about?" - Milo

"Pepper Ann, you'd better put on your gingham dress! The hoedown is in a few hours!" - Nicky

Moose: "If you don't stop that, I'll tie you to the toilet!"
PA: "Good! I could use a change of scenery."

"You people are sick! I have to sing for my point to stick!" - Pepper Ann

Goofs & Notes:

I believe this is the first time Mr. Carter mentions that they're studying photosynthesis. But they seem to study it a whole lot after this episode (i.e. "Photosynthesis is Phun!" in "The Beans of Wrath").

Nicky tells PA that they have to "monkey-walk through Lupkin park". This is probably unrelated, but during the opening theme of The Monkees, the guys do a walk down the beach that was dubbed the "Monkee Walk". Of course, only I would notice that...;)

Dances With Ignorance - aired 9/18/99

PA has to do a report on her family history. She thinks it's boring until she finds out she's 1/16th Navajo. She arranges to meet a real Navajo family, but she relies on stereotypes instead of facts and ends up offending them.


"Keep drumming or it's back in the cradleboard with you!" - Pepper Ann

Girl Power - aired 9/18/99

Moose is extremely excited when she finds out there's going to be a Tundra Woman cartoon. But when she watches it, she finds out the producers have turned Tundra Woman into a "girly-girl". She complains, but the producers misunderstand her and make Tundra Woman a heartless animal. Finally, Moose gets the town to unite in support of what Tundra Woman really stands for.


"I don't get it. The yeti didn't do anything to her." - Moose

Beyond Good and Evel - aired 9/25/99

Hazelnut is accepting nominations for a new statue in Lupkin Park, and Moose wants Evel Kinevel to be one. She tries to collect signatures to get Evel on the ballot, but few people support her idea. PA sees Moose's despair and decides that the only way to break her sister out of her slump is to go talk to Evel in person.


PA: "I'm here on a mission of mercy!"
Evel: "Oh yeah? Then how about showing a little mercy and ending your mission?"

"First rule of show biz, Red: know how to make an entrance." - Evel

"No one with any sense of life could possibly turn down the melty bounty of cheese that hast been grilled." - Milo

Goofs & Notes:

This is the first time we see the guy who sells shrimp out of the back of his truck. Look for him again in "Remote Possibilities".

One of the Guys - aired 9/25/99

The football coach sees PA's stellar kicking in soccer and asks her to be on the football team. PA agrees, and after seeing her kick, all the guys on the team start helping her to improve on the other aspects of the game. PA fears she's becoming too much of a guy, and decides to enter a beauty pageant to declare her femininity. But when it comes down to it, PA must decide if being a "girl" is more important than helping friends.


"As Fuzzy is my witness, I will not go down in history as 'Pepper Ann Pearson, one of the guys'!" - Pepper Ann

"Sternum...bruised..." - Milo

"Nelly's talent act did reek." - Lydia

Goofs & Notes:

PA's hair gets so crazy after she plays football...I wonder where the fuzzy hair gene came from.

The Wash-Out - aired 11/6/99

After Gwen Mezzrow gets called out of class by the nurse, PA accidentally stars a rumor that Gwen has head lice. When Gwen returns, everyone gives her a wide berth, and PA has to fess up and convince the whole school that the rumor was just a big misunderstanding.


"Booyeah! Fishsticks just came out of the frying vat!" - Milo

"Do they make 'I hope the parasites in your hair meet a timely death' cards?" - Milo

"You can have my scrunchie you've always admired. It's the freshest!" - Pepper Ann

"I get a little frightened on the parking lot tram. Perhaps you could...hold my hand?" - Nicky (to Stewart)

Gwen: "Why do you think I have these black ribbons in my braids?!"
Cissy: "Um, because of the lice?

Goofs & Notes:

The "you can have my scrunchie, it's the freshest" line is a reference to "Crunch Pod" when Tessa and Vanessa ride by on their bike and call, "Hey new Crunch Pod champ! Your scrunchie is the freshest!" to PA.

Def Comedy Mom - aired 11/6/99

Lydia gets a gig performing stand-up comedy at the Java Nutt one night, and PA is worried that her mom is going to totally embarrass her. She tries to convince her mom to quit the gig, but Lydia is too interested in trying something new. Eventually PA comes to realize that she can't stop her mom from doing something just because of her own selfish reasons.


"My daughter, Pepper Ann, and I went out the other day to buy her first bra. She got all embarrassed and said, 'Don't say that word!', and I said, 'What, bra? It's nothing to be embarrassed about, it's just a bra!'" - Lydia (in PA's fantasy)

"I alway wanted an 'I was there when it began' story." - Milo

The First Date Club - aired 11/13/99

People see PA and Craig hanging out at Greezy 'n' Cheezy one night and automatically assume they're a couple. PA doesn't want to think of herself as "dating" Craig, because it makes her nervous. But when Craig invites PA to a gig his band is playing, she flips out and goes overboard, with some surprising outcomes.


"Oh Fuzzy, my hair!" - Pepper Ann

Nicky: "He looks a little flushed, don't you think?"
PA: "That's because they sat us next to the kitchen! If our table were any hotter, we could hatch chicks!"

"Okay, I take it back! It wasn't a date!" - Milo

"Pepper Ann, you're giving the thumbs-up to the parmesan shaker." - Nicky

Goofs & Notes:

I consider this a pivotal ep in PA and Craig's relationship. It's the first one where we find out for sure that Craig returns PA's feelings, and the first one where PA realizes there's a chance that she might really date Craig one day.

The title of this ep is a parody of The First Wive's Club.

Unicycle of Life - aired 11/13/99

PA is worried that Craig thinks she and Milo are a couple, so she devises all sorts of ways to show they're not. However, everything backfires and the whole school starts thinking she and Milo are dating, while meanwhile their friendship starts to fall apart.


"Milo, why are you calling me from my own street?" - Pepper Ann

Gwen Mezzrow: "That's funny, but now that Pepper Ann and Milo are so obviously a couple, I'm strangely interested in him. What does that say about me?"
Nicky: "You're a home wrecker."

Pepper Ann: "What are you drawing?"
Milo: "You with horns, a mustache, and a red, pointy tail."

"Wear this, and ye shall be worshipped as the High Priestess of Pod!" - Milo

Goofs & Notes:

Ever notice that this ep is basically the opposite of "Crush and Burn"?

A Kosher Christmas - aired 12/18/99

PA has always been comfortable with celebrating both Christmas and Hanukah, since she's part of an interfaith family. But when she thinks she's going to have to choose between the two holidays, she goes around making lists of the best things about both of them. Meanwhile, Milo is delivering muffins for his mom, and Nicky is donating practically everything she has to charity.


"Get outta here, Kamalani!" - Nicky

"Come to Mama, you hot, tasty muffins!" - Nicky

"Nicky, we're not friends, we're family." - Milo

Effie Shrugged - aired 1/15/00

PA befriends Effie Shrugg, an imposing young overachiever who transfers to HMS. Effie introduces PA to concepts like Darwin and Dickens, and also starts showing her how to get what she wants out of life. But what PA doesn't notice is that Effie's methods involve a lot of bullying.


"Recess can be a happy, magical time, Pepper Ann. It can also be rife with...unfortunate incidents." - Effie

"Don't I get to stay here because I learned an important lesson?" - Pepper Ann

"Uhh, I have to go do laundry." - Lydia

Nicky: "What happened?"
Milo: "Was it waffle related?"

Goofs & Notes:

"Turn the Page, Face Your Fate" books are most likely a spin on "Choose Your Own Adventure" books.

Mama Knows What P.A. Did Two Nights Ago - aired 1/15/00

Lydia forbids PA to watch the horror flick Gutter Clowns at Trinket's sleepover. PA disobeys and watches it anyway, but it freaks her out so much she has nightmares and doesn't want to go to sleep. She tries to fill her head with happy images and stay up all night, but neither works, and Lydia has to step in and help PA learn the difference between movies and reality.


"My eight hours of required sleep has been intruded upon, and that means Mama's gettin' crabby!" - Nicky

"How did they all fit in that little car?" - Pepper Ann

"Gutter clowns, Peppie? As in...gutter clowns?!" - Lydia

"I, uh, just realized what hot dogs are made of." - Pepper Ann

"Ahahaha! This tomato thing tickles!" - Milo

Goofs & Notes:

The Cutie Magootie Boys are first mentioned in this ep.

The title of this ep is a twist on I Know What You Did Last Summer.

The Spanish Imposition - aired 1/22/00

PA wants to take an easy class for spring semester, but all the "kick-back" classes are full, so she's forced to sign up for Spanish. She is determined to transfer out until she realizes that her teacher, Seņorita Vivas, makes Spanish very fun to learn.


PA: "You'd take ditch digging if Seņorita Vivas taught it."
Milo: "Guilty as charged, PA!"

"If you're not influenced by Seņorita Vivas, how come you're dressed exactly like her?" - Nicky (to PA)

Single Unemployed Mother - aired 1/22/00

Lydia gets fed up with her boss and quits her job. As she needs a job in order to support her family, she's forced into a frenzied job hunt. Since it's "Take Your Daughter To Work Week", PA and Moose help their mom with her search. When Lydia can't find a job and is ready to quit her efforts, PA encourages her to keep at it.


"I could grow beans." - Moose

"We always have Moose's bean plan to fall back on." - Pepper Ann

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the 'ca-ching!' of my cash register!" - Lydia

"Can I come down now?" - Dieter

"Wait! We have bunnies!" - Mitch

Goofs & Notes:

Lydia tells Mitch that she can't hear him over "the 'ca-ching!'" of her cash register, but nobody who came by the kiosk actually bought anything.

PA is playing her PianoBrite 2000 for money outside one of the places Lydia interviews at.

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