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Quiz Bowl - aired 9/12/98

PA is chosen as an alternate for the Quiz Bowl team, but she slacks off and doesn't study because she thinks she won't be needed. When Nicky gets stage fright, PA is forced to cram, and she quickly learns the consequences of waiting until the last minute.


"Hey, you wanna go see the hanging gardens of Philbert tomorrow?" - Pepper Ann

"I'm Bump, the friendly gas pump!" - Bump

Milo: "Once, I even forgot my own name, so I just told everyone to start calling me Milo."
PA: "Your name is Milo."
Milo: "Sure, it is now."

License to Drive - aired 9/12/98

PA overhears that her cousin Ned is getting "a new set of wheels" for his 16th birthday. She assumes he's getting a car and starts to enlist everyone's help in order to get on Ned's good side before the big day.


"Welcome to the documentary, 'How Cheese Is Made', presented in Surround Smell." - announcer

Ned: "I was that way when I was your age, too."
PA: "Really?"
Ned: "No, it just sounded like a good thing to say."

"Get in there and start kissin' up!" - Nicky

Goofs & Notes:

Did it ever occur to PA that Ned would still be the exact same person even if he did get a car?

Cocoon Gables - aired 9/19/98

PA gets stuck doing her volunteer assignment for Mr. Finky's class at Cocoon Gables Retirement Vista. She has no idea how to handle old people and continually refers to a book for help. But after she's treated unfairly because of her age, PA gets a new view on things.


"We're old, we're gold, get used to it!" - various old people in a parade

"I told you, people in the autumn of life rock." - Milo

"And I told him, 'These aren't fresh rolls, these are day-old rolls,' and I pop him one!" - old man on sidewalk

Goofs & Notes:

"Cocoon Gables" is most likely a referene to the movie Cocoon which is, you guessed it, about "old people."

Green-Eyed Monster - aired 9/19/98

A new girl named Amber comes to school and dazzles everyone with her personality. PA gets jealous and decides to throw a party to take the attention off Amber, but Amber is throwing a party the same night and everyone goes there instead of PA's. Meanwhile, at school, things start to go missing from people's lockers.


Amber: "Herbert! Stuffed jalepeņo? They're hot!"
Principal Hickey: "I'll bet they are!"

"My Knobs! My beautiful Knobs! It's not fair!" - Milo

"What's a par-tay?" - Milo

Hazelnut's Finest - aired 9/26/98

PA has to do a report on a relative's job, so she picks her Uncle Jojo. She expects his job to be exciting because he's a cop, but after riding around with him for a day, she discovers she had the wrong idea. It takes her a while to truly appreciate what her uncle does.

Cat Scan - aired 9/26/98

PA has to renew Steve's cat license, but she's annoyed with him and says that sometimes she wishes she never had a cat. But when Steve goes missing, PA realizes how much she loves him and organizes a town-wide search to find him. Meanwhile, the "Lotto Cat" craze sweeps the town...


"I love you, Lotto Cat!" - little boy

PA (yelling at Steve): "Steve!!"
Milo (on the phone): "No, this is Milo. Kamalani?"

An Otterbiography - aired 10/3/98

Coach Doogan makes PA dress up as Shania, Hazelnut Middle School's otter mascot, and PA is afraid she'll look like a dork. But when she's Shania, she can be herself and no one knows who's inside the costume. When Craig starts talking to PA while she's dressed as Shania, she decides she has to keep him from finding out it's her inside the costume or she'll freeze up.


PA: "I'll be forever branded 'Otter Ann'. I'll be the laughingstock of Hazelnut proper. I'll have clams thrown at me."
Nicky: "Pepper Ann, when life gives you clams, make clam chowder!"

"Did you say it, PA, or did Shania?" - Milo

"'Twas the dizzying might of mascot!" - Milo

"Otter down!" - Coach Doogan

Greensleeves - aired 10/3/98

PA wants to learn to play the piano, but she doesn't have the patience to take lessons. So she buys a PianoBrite 2000 (?) since the keys light up to show her how to play a song: Greensleeves. The PianoBrite makes her an overnight sensation, but Nicky suspects something and starts to get jealous.


"I have been trying to play the Realto since I was pre-natal!" - Nicky

"Repeat after me: in with the love, out with the jive." - Milo

"I can't play on that! There are no lights on that!" - Pepper Ann

"Mr. Clapper, will you teach me how to play 'Let It Rip' with my butt?" - Pepper Ann

Goofs & Notes:

After this ep, the song "Greensleeves" becomes kind of a running joke. Look for it again in "The Amazing Becky Little".

This is the first time PA sings, "Boy, I love you boy, you ain't no toy!". She sings it again in "You Oughta Be in Musicals" and I think there's a clip of her dancing around singing it in "Pepper Ann's Day Off-Kilter".

This is the ep where we find out Mr. Clapper's name.

Vanessa Less Tessa - aired 10/10/98

Tessa and Vanessa get into a fight, and PA tries to get them to make up by using plans she saw on the show "Crazy Twin Shenanigans". Every plan just results in disaster, and it turns out that PA has no idea how the plans worked on the show.


PA: "Milo, where have you been?"
Milo: "I was waiting for you guys at the Greezy 'n' Cheezy."
Nicky: "For three days?!"
Milo: "Yeah. I was eating sauce."

Goofs & Notes:

Notice how Vanessa, Nicky, and PA get detention in this episode, but when Nicky gets detention in "Permanent Record", everyone acts as if she's never had detention before.

Peer Counselor P.A. - aired 10/10/98

PA hasn't been listening too well lately, and as a result she volunteers for Peer Counseling as extra credit without noticing what she was signing up for. Once she realizes she can change people's lives, she vows to help the next person who comes through the door, and the next person is Dieter. But after PA gives Dieter advice, he goes missing!


Lydia: "Where's all my money?"
PA: "Last night you told me to break out the cash."
Lydia: "Peppie, I told you to take out the trash."

"Look, I made a piggy!" - Pepper Ann

Goofs & Notes:

The Pup Scouts are the Hazelnut equivalent of the Boy Scouts.

A 'Tween Halloween - aired 10/31/98

PA wants to go trick-or-treating, but worries that she's too old and that it would be "uncool". Milo, however, is all set to go, complete with a dehydrated papaya costume. When PA takes a poll and finds out that nobody else is planning on going trick-or-treating, she tries to blow Milo off.


"Um, my name is Crash." - Crash

"Milo can do it, yes he can! He's two parts papaya and one part man!" - Milo

"I'm on a, uh, cleansing fast!" - Pepper Ann

"Trick-or-loser." - Trinket

"Ahh, Whatchamachocolate. True bliss, I have found thee." - Nicky

Goofs & Notes:

In "Thanksgiving Dad", PA tells her dad that she's too old to go trick-or-treating, and there's no sign of her having a costume.

This is the first time Whatchamachocolate bars are mentioned, paralleling, of course, Whatchamacallit bars.

I love how Crash's shirt says, "My Name Is Crash", and PA still can't get his name right.

Mash Into Me - aired 10/31/98

When Crash discovers that PA looks and acts like Regenica from the comic book "Genetic Dozen", he gets a crush on her. PA wants no part of it and tells him to go away. Crash vows to go on a fast to prove his love for PA, and Nicky and Milo tell PA she has to treat Crash better.


"Okay, which one of you jokers took my new Snotty Roads CD?" - Pepper Ann

Crash: "Gosh, Moose, it's hard to believe you two are sisters."
Moose: "Why?"
Crash: "Because she's so wonderful, and amazing, and pretty, and cool, and..."

Goofs & Notes:

Could Snotty Roads be a parody of the Beatles album, Abbey Road...?

This is the only ep in which PA actually calls Crash "Crash".

Presenting Stewart Walldinger - aired 11/14/98

Sketch invites Nicky, Milo, and PA to a party. PA is cool with going until she hears that everyone has to bring a date. She and Milo go about interviewing people to be their dates, but Nicky invites Stewart Walldinger. PA things Stewart is a geek and tries to convince Nicky not to bring him to Sketch's "cool" party.


Tank: "Whoa, is that seventh grader gonna be okay?"
Poison: "Do we care?"
Tank: "Load."

"Foolish women. Eighth grade lingo doesn't come from a reference book. It's a delicate amalgam of pop culture and social influences." - Milo

"Two words PA: ha-arsh." - Milo

"I'll have to floss my teeth!" - Milo

Goofs & Notes:

This ep origially aired as part of One Saturday Morning's "Stuart Day".

P.A.'s Life in a Nutshell - aired 11/14/98

PA wants to go to the Spingtime Late-night Flashback Jam (?), but her mom won't let her stay out that late. She sneaks out and goes anyway, then writes an article about it for Milo and Stewart's 'zine, "Within the Nutshell". Everyone loves it because they can identify with it, but PA's mom finds the article and grounds her. PA insists that her mom doesn't understand, but then she finds one of Lydia's old journals in the attic.


"Have you ever felt like you were just waiting for that moment when you change? When you become the person you want to be?" - Pepper Ann, in her article

"Less central nervous. More cardiopulmonary." - Milo

"Stewart! Stop the presses! PA kicked it cardiopulmonary!" - Milo

"I had no idea where you were! A goal post could have fallen on you!" - Lydia

Goofs & Notes:

"Within the Nutshell" is never mentioned again after this ep, presumably because of the circulation plunge.

This ep is the only time Hush ever speaks, as far as I know.

The girl with the orange hair who apologizes to PA for making her feel awkward turns up again in "Bye Bye, Trinket".

Like Riding a Bike - aired 11/28/98

Lydia starts dating Mr. Carter, and it throws PA's life into a turmoil. Mr. Carter suddenly starts acting nice, and everyone attributes it to the fact that he's dating PA's mom. PA decides that she has to break them up, even if it means making up weird stories and acting rude. Meanwhile, Nicky and Stewart try a "trial period" of dating, and Milo and Gwen Mezzrow get crushes on each other on alternating days.


"Think your mom could, like, date Mr. Finky next? 'Cause I'm, like, failing social studies." - Cissy

"Stew. W. Dinger, you da man!" - Milo

Milo: "Ugh, Gwen Mezzrow has a crush on me."
PA: "Again?"
Milo: "Yeah. I've been pumping iron."

"I've been burned so many times, I should change my name to Bunsen." - Mr. Carter

Goofs & Notes:

Ever notice just how many teachers at HMS are single?

Radio Freak Hazelnut - aired 12/5/98

PA stumbles upon KHMS, Hazelnut Middle School's radio station, while listening to her earpiece radio one day. The DJ is Wayne Macabre, a loudmouthed student who makes fun of everything PA loves: chill-aide, Flaming Snot, Fuzzy, girl's soccer, and more. PA tries to get him kicked off the air, but everyone tells her Macabre has a right to free speech.


"Despite an unfortunate phobia of jams and jellies, I am not a coward!" - Wayne

"You have a name tag stitched to your forehead." - Wayne

"Art is life! Without art, comic books would be but brief novels!" - Milo

"Today's lesson is: multi-culture mass, the miracle of yogurt!" - Mr. Carter

Goofs & Notes:

Before she faces Wayne and he points it out, there's no trace of a name tag on the forehead of PA's black hood/hat thing.

Thorn, Stewart's "Adopt-a-Juvie" from "Presenting Stewart Walldinger", can be seen in this ep.

Wayne is also seen in "Pepper Ann's Day Off-Kilter" and "The Wash-Out". There may be more but I can't think of any right now.

In every ep after this one, the soccer games are announced in Spanish.

Framed - aired 12/5/98

Red "Hare" tags turn up spray-painted in several locations around Hazelnut. Milo thinks they're an expression of art, but Nicky thinks they're appalling. Because of PA's red hair, Dieter accuses her of being the tagger. PA takes the blame to get attention, even though she had nothing to do with it.


Milo: "I found another red 'Hare' blazing in the men's room! Come on, I'll show you!"
Nicky: "Excuse me?!"
Milo: "Nicky, it's on the mirror. Mirrors are unisex."

Dieter: "But why? Why the 'Red Hare'?"
Boy: "I dunno. I like rabbits."

"Keep the noise level down. Be considerate of our neighbors, 'k?" - garage band drummer

Dieter: "Garage band? What garage band? Has anyone ever seen this garage band?"
Nicky: "Well, no, but..."
Dieter: "Because there is no garage band!"

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Milo - aired 12/12/98

It's time for the annual Dental Hygiene poster contest, and everyone's expecting Milo to turn out yet another masterpiece. But Milo has artist's block, and none of the advice PA and Nicky give him is working to cure it.


"Free your mind and your marker will follow." - Milo, on a mural

"I need to suffer for my art. I haven't suffered enough yet." - Milo

Goofs & Notes:

How come everyone suddenly loves Milo's art when they were all screaming and running away from it in "The Environ-Mentals"?

This is the first time Mark Hamil (sp?) shows up.

I'm pretty sure this is the first time we hear of Nurse Oomla.

The Sisterhood - 12/12/98

Lydia and Janie decide PA is old enough to come with them on their "Adamant Eve" women's retreat. PA finds this celebration of women extremely boring and can't understand why everyone has to assert their femininity so...adamantly.


Margot: "We are sisters, sisters, sisters!"
PA: "Oh brother."

"I celebrated women every day of my life by raising two of them in a loving, roach-free home." - Lillian

"Jojo! Ned! I've come home to my men!" - Janie

"I'll just sit here on the stoop. Alone. Still spelling women with an 'e'." - Lillian

"Now Lydia here, she had talent. She could do a sea cow impression so good, I swear you'd want to set her free in the ocean!" - Lillian

Goofs & Notes:

In this ep, Janie and Margot LeSandre hate each other. But in "Moose in Love", Lydia and Margot hate each other. I'm still wondering what's up with that.

The logo on the "Adamant Eve" t-shirt shown at the beginning is a woman holding an apple and spitting out a bite of it. Obviously a Garden of Eden parody.

Impractical Jokes - aired 12/26/98

PA, Nicky, and Milo agree that a well-timed practical joke can be funny. They all take turns playing jokes on each other, until PA takes retaliation to the extreme and Nicky and Milo decide she needs to be stopped.


"Milo, you're such a nut!" - Pepper Ann

"Now that's funny!" - Lydia

"Hey, this cat's got a hat on its head!" - waitress

Nicky: "My books! They're...out of alphabetical order!"
Milo: "G, C, B, D, K, R, T..."

"I didn't ask for the whistle!" - Dieter

Goofs & Notes:

This is the first time they show "Lafftown, USA", which seems to be a twist on "Candid Camera". It shows up again in "The Telltale Fuzzy" and "Alice Kane Went Down to Calcutta". There might be more but I can't think of them right now.

Cold Feet - aired 12/26/98

PA's grandparents are renewing their vows on their 50th anniversary. PA can't understand how they could have had a great life in a place as boring as Hazelnut. But she finds her grandmother having second thoughts about the vow renewal, and Lillian tells PA some stories about her life that PA never could have imagined.


"...just fifty boring years in boring old Hazelnothing." - Pepper Ann

"Okay, people, this is a vow renewal ceremony, not happy hour at Nutty McGullicutty's!" - Pepper Ann

"Nicky, I've gotta go. Mom's baking." - Pepper Ann

"Lydia, I thought you said you'd rather paint a sign on the side of a beached whale than advertise on a blimp." - Janie

Goofs & Notes:

The reason Lillian didn't meet up with Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Richie Vallens (sp?) after the plane landed is because, in real life, that plane crashed.

Doppelganger Didi - aired 1/9/99

PA finds out that there's a girl named Didi who goes to Our Lady of Walnut that looks and sounds exactly like her. She insists that Didi stole her "me-ness", and wants to fight to get dibs on her personality.


"All hail PA, Hazelnut's coolest match head!" - Milo

"That theif stole my me-ness!" - Pepper Ann

"Human cloning is scientifically impossible, although I did get pretty close at last year's science fair." - Nicky

Goofs & Notes:

Didi never shows up again, but her name is mentioned in "Sense and Senseless".

Pepper Ann's Day Off-Kilter - 1/9/99

PA fakes sick to get a day off from school, but she quickly becomes bored just sitting around the house. She decides that she wants to go to school instead, but she has a hard time getting in.


"The joy that is daytime TV and fruit gelatin cannot be stolen like jewels in the night!" - Milo

"For shame, PA. For SHAME!" - Milo

"And meanwhile, I missed Stewart kickin' it freestyle in the cafeteria!" - Pepper Ann

"The Crying Girl spilled milk in the cafeteria with the obvious result..." - Stewart

Goofs & Notes:

I love how Moose rates how well PA is faking sick. And the bit with Pink-Eye Pete mistaking PA for a monkey...for some reason that's really hilarious.

A No Hair Day - aired 1/16/99

Craig shaves his head for swim team and PA has a hard time accepting it because Craig's head is funny-looking. Alice Kane picks Pink-Eye Pete as her lab partner so she can have a partner who isn't distracted by a social life, but she keeps trying to make him cover his pink eye. PA realizes she's reacting the same way to Craig's shaved head.


"I have to meet Milo and Nicky at bald head -- er, Brain Dead." - Pepper Ann

PA: "Nicky! He looks awful!"
Nicky: "Shh, he's in his awkward years."
PA: "Not Milo! Craig Bean!"

"Bald really is beautiful." - Tessa and Vanessa

Goofs & Notes:

The girl who insults PA for being covered in clay is the same girl who copies PA's green hair idea in "Live and Let Dye".

That's My Dad - aired 1/16/99

Trinket convinces PA that, because PA doesn't live with her dad, she doesn't know a lot about him. To prove her wrong, PA gets her dad to try out for a new game show called "That's My Dad". In the end, PA learns that living together isn't what matters.


"Are you crazy? I love 'Guess My Mama'!" - Dieter

"Who cares if you know what kind of socks I wear, or if I can name your ten favorite vegetables?" - Chuck

"Mom, why are Dad's old letters to you cut up right when they start to get interesting?" - Pepper Ann

Goofs & Notes:

This is the first ep where Chuck's face is shown.

This is also the first mention of "Guess My Mama". Principal Hickey mentions it again in "Strike It or Not".

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