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Ziterella - aired 9/13/97

Pepper Ann's debut episode. PA has been practicing the perfect smile for her class picture. Then, tragedy strikes: she gets a pimple the day before she's going to get her picture taken. The only solution is to get pimple cream, but PA's mom sends her to Abe's Mall (the "AbysMall").


"Whoa, easy Zit Girl." - Milo

"But what if someone sees me? From then on, I'll be known as 'Pimple Ann'!" - Pepper Ann

"That's my daughter! The one with the pimple! My, she's not very photogenic." - Lydia

"I love shopping! The hunt for a bargain! The thrill of a sale!" - Ms. Stark

Goofs & Notes:

The bus full of old people in this ep says "Cocoon Gables" on the side.

The sheep jumping out of PA's locker (that's this ep, right?) becomes a running gag. Look for it again in "Radio Freak Hazelnut" and in her room in "One Angry Woman".

Romeo and Juliet - aired 9/20/97

The drama club is putting on a production of "Romeo and Juliet". Every girl in the school wants to be Juliet because Craig Bean (an eighth grader!) is playing Romeo. Cissy ends up as Juliet, and PA is cast as the nurse. But when Cissy loses a contact lens, thus preventing her from reading the teleprompter, PA gets a chance to play Juliet. Only she can't get out of her nurse's costume.


"Uh, but soft. What blocks the light through yonder window?" - Craig

"I promise to forget the little people on my way up!" - Cissy

"It is not thy juicebox, but thy name that is my enemy!" - Pepper Ann

"What should I do with this shrub? Holding it is inhibiting my juice intake." - Milo

"Uh, Peppie? You're scarin' me again." - Moose

Goofs & Notes:

Why exactly didn't PA get someone to cut her out of that nurse costume? I realize there wouldn't be a plot if she had, but still...

Food Barn - aired 9/20/97

Ms. Sneed assigns her Economics students after-school jobs for a week as a class project. PA and Milo get stuck working at "Food Barn", and PA vows to show everyone that she's not weak in Economics. However, every time she tries to be a good employee, she gets yelled at or walked all over. Milo, in the meantime, is moving right up the ladder without doing much of anything.


"Knitting again, Sneed? You're fired!" - Millicent the Militant

"I call it 'Mustard in Motion'." - Milo

"'s not what you know, it's who you know." - Milo

Old Best Friend - aired 9/27/97

PA's old friend, Brenda, is moving to Hazelnut. The two spent lots of time together at Cubby Camp, and PA is very excited that she's going to get to see Brenda again. However, PA quickly finds out that she and Brenda have nothing in common, and tries her hardest to avoid having to say so.


"Pardon my alliteration, but this boxcar's bailing at 'Boringville'." - Nicky

"Video games? I know how to waste my time for free, thanks." - Brenda

"Right. Like I'm that mature!" - Pepper Ann

Goofs & Notes:

What exactly happened to Brenda? The only other time she ever shows up is in "A Valentine's Day Tune", and then it's as a spirit. I would think she'd show up more, since she moved to Hazelnut in this ep.

7/30/04 - I stand corrected. John H. points out that you can see Brenda in the auditorium during the congresswoman's speech in "Complimentary Colors".

Crunch Pod - aired 9/27/97

Milo defends his title of Crunch Pod Champion for the fourth year in a row. But, when he wins a free game, PA plays it and accidentally beats his high score. This doesn't bother Milo until people start praising PA for her mastery of the Pod. Nicky tries to get them to stop fighting, but PA and Milo want a final showdown.


"Sleep is for infants and old people!" - Pepper Ann

"It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you crunch the pod." - Milo

"The king is dead. Long live the queen!" - Dieter

PA: "Where did you get that hat? Because that is definitely the hat of a champion."
Milo: "I found it in the garbage."
PA: "And I waste my time shopping."

"All you did was win the lottery, and now all these neophyte Pod wannabes think you're the greatest thing on Earth when, in fact, you're just a whack warrior from the planet Pretender!" - Milo

"Who's up for ChocoPoodle? ChocoPoodle? ChocoPoodle?" - Nicky

"Don't just stand there, bring it on!" - Pepper Ann and Milo

"Huzzah! And welcome to Burger Fortress. I am Sir Helpsalot. May I takest thine order?" - Sir Helpsalot

"Me? Upset? On fishstick day?" - Milo

"Eee! Easy cowgirl." - Milo

Goofs & Notes:

Wouldn't PA's score not count towards the title of Pod Champ since she played the free game after the tournament was over?

This is the first time Nicky mentions getting chased by a swan.

Psychic Moose - aired 10/4/97

Lydia tells PA and Moose that they don't spend enough time together. Later, PA sees Moose hanging out with Ezzie, the mall psychic. Suddenly, everything Moose does seems psychic to PA, and she starts trying to "protect" her little sister from outside forces. But there is a perfectly logical reason why Moose knows the answers to all of PA's questions.


"Do it yourself, Janie!" - Lydia

PA: "Well, what do I want a tattoo of?"
Moose: "The international symbol for recycling."

"Margaret Rose Pearson! Pepper Ann Pearson! Sit!" - Lydia

Doll and Chain - aired 10/4/97

Mr. Finky gives his class the assignment to take care of dolls for a weekend. At first, PA isn't into the assignment at all. Then, she begins to worry that she's irresponsible when her doll goes missing and she ends up chasing it all over town.


"Sometimes the masses can be so über-critical!" - Dieter

Megablades of Grass - aired 10/11/97

PA wants a pair of Megablade 3000s, but her mom won't buy them for her. Instead, Lydia tells PA that she can make money by mowing the lawn. PA enlists Milo's help and soon she becomes power-hungry and turns lawn mowing into a town-wide franchise that nearly ruins her friendship with Milo.


"Easy, Rockefeller. It is not to own. It is to mow." - Milo

"I love to mow the grass that grows around the lawn!" - Dieter

"Let's mow with all the colors of the wind." - Milo

Milo: "You desecrated a masterpiece."
PA: "What?"
Milo: "You maimed topiary."
PA: "I what?"
Milo: "You whacked Dieter's giraffe!"

"Mow! Save! Make your dream come true, Peppie!" - Lydia

Goofs & Notes:

"All My Problems", the show PA is watching when she sees the Megablade 3000 ad, is a parody of the daytime soap, "All My Children".

Family Vacation - aired 10/11/97

PA's family goes on vacation to Lake Tammy. Lydia lets PA bring Milo, but she also lets Moose bring her friend, Crash. After many mishaps durning the car ride, PA decides that she wants to take control of her own life.


"When are you going to get your butt in gear?" - Lydia

Milo: "Help me with my bag, will ya?"
PA: "A toothbrush?"
Milo: "You know, just in case."

"I am forced to ride 3,000 miles next to an opera-loving accident!" - Pepper Ann

"I'm allergic to vowels." - Crash

"Oh, Peppie, let Slash sit in the middle seat. I just got the smell out of the upholstery from our trip to Hurly-World." - Lydia

Goofs & Notes:

This episode is Crash's first appearance. With few exceptions, no one aside from Moose ever says his name right.

The Big Pencil - aired 10/18/97

It's time for the science fair again, and this year PA is determined to beat her rival, Alice Kane. Nicky tells PA that the "insane competition" between her and Alice Kane has to stop, but PA still wants to create something amazing to enter in the fair.


"I'm going to knock the body muff off of Alice Kane!" - Pepper Ann

"My possum was right! You are a loser!" - Alice Kane

"Hey Pearson. Nice froth." - Craig

"Enjoy the spotlight, Pepper Ann. It has a lovely glow. But beware, for it can also burn." - Alice Kane

"Why is this picture of me so ugly?" - Pepper Ann

Goofs & Notes:

The "Susie Bake Oven", a parody on the real-life Easy Bake Oven, is first mentioned in this episode.

Sani-Paper - aired 10/18/97

While on a field trip to the Sani-Paper toilet seat cover factory, Pepper Ann discovers many strange things going on behind the scenes at this supposedly environmentally-friendly company. She recruits Milo to help her find out the truth, despite the close watch that Principal Hickey is keeping on them. Milo also spends the entire episode looking for a drink.


"Is it just me, or do field trips make you thristy?" - Milo

"I'm Sergeant Gene Fegan. And remember, you can't spell 'hygiene' without 'Gene'!" - St. Fegan

"Why do you think we're in a toilet seat cover factory? No one else will take us!" - Principal Hickey

"Don't you understand? I have to go to the bathroom!" - Milo

Uniform, Uniformity - aired 10/25/97

Principal Hickey institutes school uniforms in an attempt to make students less rowdy. PA thinks the uniforms will rob her of her individuality and wants to protest them. She soon finds that people's more important traits stand out when their clothes aren't the focus. Principal Hickey, however, has a different reaction to the uniforms.


"Roll with your own change, Chimpy!" - Pepper Ann (to Milo)

Milo: "Post-assembly chaos, Nicky. Can you smell it? The tides are turning."
Nicky: "Did you shower today?"

Snot Your Mother's Music - aired 10/25/97

PA and Milo want to go to a Flaming Snot concert but don't have enough money for tickets. Lydia shocks them by telling them she went to Junior College with Mick Snot and that he sent her tickets to the concert. Later, Flaming Snot trashes the Motel 3 and Mick comes to stay with the Pearsons. However, PA quickly finds out how "uncool" he really is.


"Harry and I hung out together like you and -- Milo, stop kissing my shoes, they're suede-ish." - Lydia

"I've never been in a room this temperature." - Mick Snot

"Not this kind of soy milk! This has corn sweetener!" - Mick/Harry

PA: "I'm telling you, he's not cool Mick Snot. He's uncool Harry Snitzer!"
Nicky: "Blasphemer!"

"Harry, I release you!" - Lydia

The Environ-Mentals - aired 11/8/97

PA is appalled that she still likes the family ritual of dressing up and singing "She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain". At school, Milo's art project is rejected as the logo for "Clean Up Lupkin Park", and people continue to scream at the sight of his art throughout the episode. PA offers to help make the cleanup "cooler", and Aunt Janie suggests a talent show. Since all of the acts that audition are "not cool", PA gets Craig Bean's band to play in the show, but on their way to the cleanup they encounter some of Milo's sidewalk art and Craig loses his voice. PA ends up learning the real meaning of coolness.


"Hi-diddle-dental, my Environ-Mental!" - Janie

"I have succeeded in making the most uncool event in town even uncooler." - Pepper Ann

"Saw something wretched, lost my voice. Later." - Craig's note to PA

"Peppie, cool's not about age. It's about attitude." - Moose

"Yes it's me, Milo Kamalani, and I don't care what you or your overly-sensitive girlfriend thinks! ...I do care that you're bigger than me." - Milo

Goofs & Notes:

I love how Craig's song has two words, and how they have all those shots of him doing funky things with his guitar, but the music never changes.

Ms. Bladdar first appears in this episode. She seems to spend most of her time in the rest of the series subbing for Ms. Ford, the art teacher.

Crush and Burn - aired 11/15/97

Gwen Mezzrow passes a love note to Milo, and he is repulsed because he thinks she's a freak. He asks PA to cover for him and she invents a story about her and Milo being a couple. More lies stem from this and the line between fantasy and reality starts to blur as everyone tries to keep the stories straight.


"I feel naked." - Milo

"Twinkle, twinkle little star, when will Pepper Ann stop these lies?" - Nicky

"Deception has become reality! The truth is a lie, and all the lies are true!" - Pepper Ann

"Hi Pepper Ann. Wanna buy tickets to Nicky's autoharp concert? All the proceeds go to Trinket and Cissy's soup kitchen!" - Gwen Mezzrow

"Is Uncle Jojo really a woman?" - Milo

"We aren't really celebrities, even though we should be." - Tessa and Vanessa

"Whoa, step back Chi-Chi Labumba! This zeppelin floats alone!" - Dieter (to Gwen)

"Stop that cheese!" - Ned

"I'm not, like, a dumb blonde. I just perpetuate the image in order to be less intimidating to others." ~ Cissy

Goofs & Notes:

This ep is the first time Ned appears as PA's cousin. He can be seen walking by in the background saying, "I shop at Abe's Mall!" in "Ziterella", but there's no mention of him being related to PA.

We first find out about Gwen Mezzrow's crush on Dieter in this episode.

Soccer Season - aired 11/25/97

PA scores the winning goal in a soccer game and soon becomes the star of the team. But her glory starts to go to her head, and she has to decide which means more: fame or teamwork.


"Paws, claws, teeth, and fur! We're all part of one otter!" - the Otters' cheer

"Porkchop, porkchop, greasy, greasy, you can beat our team easy, easy!" - Milo

"Like big savings? Then you 'otter' be shopping at Smiley's!" - Pepper Ann

Goofs & Notes:

When PA and Dieter are sitting in the limo and the scene focuses on Dieter's side of the car, the buildings are going by the window in the wrong direction.

Thanksgiving Dad - aired 11/22/97

PA's dad calls on Halloween and tells her that he will have a special surprise for her on Thanksgiving. PA thinks her dad means that he'll be coming to the house for Thanksgiving dinner instead of just calling like he usually does. Meanwhile, Lydia and Janie are determined to have the perfect Thanksgiving despite past mishaps.


"Just put down the cheese and back away." - Janie

"Lady, the only thing I care less about than your whacko kitchen is your nutso bathroom." - Uncle Remo

"Man, Cissy's mom makes the best boobleberry flambé in the whole tri-nut area." - Milo

Lydia: "We can scrape off the burnt parts!"
Janie: "It's all burnt part."

"I am a selfish yam-eater, I am a selfish yam-eater..." - Ned

"I see you!" - Leo

PA: "Milo, why don't you stay? You're the biggest freak I know.
Milo: "You're not just saying that, are you?"

"The phone you are currently using is a mirage. Please hang up and try your call again later, on a real phone." - phone operator in PA's fantasy

Goofs & Notes:

This is the only time Damien and Damiana show up. I've never heard them referenced after this, either.

Sketch 22 - aired 1/10/98

Sketch, a cool eighth grader, sees PA skating at the park and mistakes her for an eighth grader. PA is psyched and tries to maintain an eighth grade image despite the fact that she doesn't understand the lifestyle. In the end she has to decide between her newfound "coolness" and her friends.


"Whoa, are you situation normal?" - Sketch

"Load to your mother!" - Pepper Ann

"Pepper Ann! I got you a meat mold!" - Milo

Goofs & Notes:

Sketch's first appearence is in this ep. This is also the first time we hear "load" and other eighth grade lingo.

The way they portray the eighth graders versus the seventh graders is hilarious, although I always considered it somewhat accurate, as I remember being in 7th grade, watching the eighth graders and waiting to be one.

Manly Milo - aired 1/10/98

While PA and Nicky are at a gender-specific assembly, Milo tries to hang out with guys, only to find that he doesn't have any "guys" to hang with. PA vows to make Milo a man, and tries all sorts of stereotypical things to help him.


"PA, query: are you crazy?!" - Milo

"Your guylessness actually makes you more of a guy." - Nicky

"Hey Kamalani, cool advice." - Craig

Goofs & Notes:

If Milo reformed Shelf McLain in this episode, how come he's still a bully in later seasons?

Have You Ever Been Unsupervised? - aired 1/17/98

Dieter invites everyone to his 13th birthday party, which is unsupervised. Because of peer pressure, PA agrees to go, but is afraid that everyone will be kissing.


"Klaus! Germany's favorite jeep-driving, cartoon über-monkey!" - Dieter

"Aren't we a little old to be having monkey-themed parties?" - Pepper Ann

"Overall it was a bit of a let-down. Not nearly as exciting as my first sneeze!" - Nicky

"I go to Sudbuckets to dance country in a line!" - Mrs. Liederhosen

"I'm going to be inside Dieter's house! Pinch me, Alice Kane!" - Gwen Mezzrow

Goofs & Notes:

This is the first time Dieter says who Klaus is. I think it's also the first time there's evidence that he's German, aside from his accent.

Ever notice when Dieter says, "pin the tail on the über-monkey" and sticks himself with a pin, he leaves the pin stuck to him?

This episode starts the running "Lydia is baking" joke, which also turns up in "Cold Feet".

The Unusual Suspects - aired 1/17/98

The school's otter statue is missing. Principal Hickey calls Dieter, Trinket, Nicky, Milo, and PA to his office to try and get the facts. However, as everyone begins to talk, evidence starts to point towards PA as the otter-stealer!


"Whoa, step back, principal man! That otter was my friend, and I didn't steal him!" - Milo

Trinket: "Face it, you don't have a leg to stand on."
Mitch: "That is only half true!"

"Sam Scoop here! ...Yes, this is Dieter." - Dieter

Goofs & Notes:

The note that Vera shows to Principal Hickey is dated 4/18/87 and signed "Vice Principal Hickey".

Nicky Gone Bad - aired 1/24/98

Nicky is sick of being perfect, so she starts calling herself Nické and doing all sorts of "bad" things. PA is worried about where Nicky will end up if her "bad" behavior continues.


"Put that in your pod and crunch it!" - Nické

"You want a piece of me, dirtbag?" - Nické

"Pepper Ann! Quit buggin' Nické!" - Mr. Carter

Nické: "I am bad. Can't you just get used to it?"
PA: "Can you?"

Nicky: "Milo, we're going to miss first period!"
Milo: "That's why they have second period."

"I am Nicky Little and I am amazing! So there!" - Nicky

"That was a perfectly healthy emotional outburst." - Pepper Ann

In Support Of - aired 1/24/98

Coach Doogan tells all the girls that they'll need to get "support" for the trampoline unit. PA thinks she means a bra and freaks out. She goes to her mom for help, but still doesn't get the message that "everyone developes at his or her own pace."


"Whoops, sorry about that shuttlecock mishap, Little. Come on, champ, shake it off!" - Coach Doogan

Store owner: "You boobs! How many times have I told you the tomatoes go across from the lentils?"
Kid: "Busted."

Lydia: "Peppie, do you want breasts?"
PA: "What?!"
Lydia: "I'm making chicken. Do you want breasts or thighs?"

"I'm glad you took my advice and went with the daisies!" - Milo

"Avoid this one; it's cutting into me." - Moose

"Who was that supported crusader?" - Nicky

"I think I'm gonna go live with Aunt Janie for a while." - Moose

"Pepper Ann Pearson, you are woman!" - Pepper Ann

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