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[Mr. Carter: 'kay, now, pay attention to my lecture
It isn't just conjecture.
I'm sure as sure as heck sure
You'll agree that learnin' photosynthesis
Isn't something you should miss,
So take some notes and sing along with me!]

Mr Carter: We took some carbon dioxide.
It's toxic, though, so step aside.
So how do we get oxygen?
That's where all the plants come in.
H2O is known as water.
Pay attention, it gets harder!

The water and the chlorophyll
With sunlight on your windowsill
Break down the carbon dioxide.
It's really quite a jolly ride!

We're learning photosynthesis.
You really should get into this!
Any questions? I thought not.
Now let's go over what we got.

[Mr. Carter: Nicky?
Nicky: Carbon dioxide!
Mr. Carter: Pepper Ann?
Pepper Ann: My pen just died!
Mr. Carter: Dieter?
Dieter: This is baked, not fried!
Mr. Carter: Young man, kindly step outside!]

Mr. Carter: We're learning photosynthesis.
This isn't something you should miss.
Now listen up, we're almost through,
Let's continue our review.

[Mr. Carter: Trinket?
Trinket: Water and sunlight.
Mr. Carter: And?
Cissy: Chlorophyll, like, am I right?
Mr. Carter: Then?
Class: Photosynthesis!]

Mr Carter: Finally, they're getting this!
Class: We're learning photosynthesis,
We're learning photosynthesis!
The joy, the fun, the floralness
That's known as photosynthesis!

[Pepper Ann: Uh, could we, uh, take it one more time from the top?]

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