Full Name: Pepper Ann Pearson (though her real first name has been rumored to be Jennifer)

Age: 12 years and 3 months (according to "Doppelganger Didi")

Nicknames: PA, Peppie, Pearson

Pepper Ann seems to have a lot of problems--her mother is single and works, she's in that awkward place in life where she's not a kid and not quite a teen, middle school is still a mystery to her, and her crush (8th grader Craig Bean) is really hard to act normal around--but she gets through life fine.

Though it seems to her that the rules in middle school are always chaging, Pepper Ann makes the most of her first year there by getting into a lot of trouble--no one's spent more time in detention than she has--and hanging out with her two best friends, Nicky and Milo.

Pepper Ann's hobbies include playing Crunch Pod at Brain Dead or Vidiots; listening to music by her favorite band, Flaming Snot; reading "Fuzzy" comics; and playing soccer. She also has a lot of fun getting into what Hazelnut Middle School's principal calls "crazy misadventures". These expeditions into the unknown--starting a lawn mowing business, questioning the safety of the Sani Paper toilet seat cover factory, and trying to end a rumor she didn't mean to start, to name a few--leave Pepper Ann with new knowledge of life, and a new perspective on things. However, whether or not she chooses to put these things to good use is not always clear.

So whether she's sliding off the stage during an auditon for the spring musical, setting up an unintentional date with Craig, or pretending to be an eighth grader, Pepper Ann is always up to something!

Most Memorable Quote:

"My life is trash."

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