Full Name: Nicky Anais Little

Age: 12 (most likely)

Nicky is one of Pepper Ann's best friends. She is perfect in practically every way. In fact, Nicky's only imperfection is that she can sometimes be a little too perfect. Nicky tried shedding her perfect image only once, but she ended up discovering she liked being perfect better than being "bad".

Nicky is possibly the only person who can get through Pepper Ann's strange thoughts and plans to try and talk some sense into her. Not that Pepper Ann always listens, but still, Nicky tries.

Nicky's biggest dream is becoming a concert violinist in Italy. She practices her violin and her Italian every day. Performances in Hazelnut are rare--we've only seen her do it twice--but she did get to play at the Realto once. That was a big accomplishment because, to quote Nicky, "Only the best musicians can play the Realto."

Though she's always keeping on top of everything, Nicky still has time for a little romance. Her boyfriend is Stewart Walldinger, and they are a perfect match. Their only relationship flaw: Stewart is more into remote control racecars than classical music.

Most Memorable Quote:

"I've been trying to play the Realto since I was pre-natal!" - "Greensleeves"

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