Full Name: Margaret Rose Pearson

Age: 7

A lot of people mistake Moose for a boy, including her uncle Remo. However, though it's really not that easy to tell that Moose is a girl, she doesn't seem to mind when people think she's not.

Femininity isn't Moose's number one priority, and she's able to get through life just fine living the way she does. Skateboarding is one of her hobbies, and she and her friend, Crash, do a lot of it. She also enjoys reading "Genetic Dozen" comics and playing with her Tundra Woman action figures.

Among Moose's other interests are her idol, Evel Kneivel (she even has an "Evel Kneivel Closet"), drinking Chill-Ade, and whatever her mom happens to be making for dinner.

Most Memorable Quote:

"Peppie, cool's not about age. It's about attitude." - "The Environ-Mentals"

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