Hello, everyone! I had some time to devote to the site today, and here's what I did:

Despite the fact that there are still submission boxes up on multiple pages, the only things that I'm still accepting submissions for are episode synopses. If you want to submit one of those, go over here for a list of episodes I haven't summarized.

Also, I've gotten some e-mail regarding the small amount of bandwidth on this site. I'm aware of how bad Geocities is as web host, but at the moment, I can't do anything about it. If, in the future, I can move the site somewhere with more bandwidth, you'll see the announcement right here on this page.


Hello, PA fans! August is a sad month for PA World. As I'm sure you've been noticing, I don't have the time to devote to this website to make it what it used to be, and therefore I will no longer be updating. However, the message board, LiveJournal group, and Yahoo group are all still active for you PA fans who wish to chat amongst yourselves. I'll be around the LiveJournal group the most out of the three, and I'll try to chime in now and then.

The only sections that I've removed from the site are the poll and the birthdays. Everything else is fully functional and will remain here for the enjoyment of PA fans like you.

If I find that I have extra time on my hands in the future, I'll try to do little things here and there to brush up the site. For now, though, enjoy it as is, and keep watching those tapes of Pepper Ann!

~ Sam

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