Full Name: Milo Kamalani

Age: 12

Milo has his own angle on life. Sometimes he's philosophical, sometimes he's artistic, and sometimes he's just plain weird, but either way, he's still a good friend to Pepper Ann and Nicky. He's always around, and he's always willing to offer an opinion on what people say.

Milo's biggest hobby is his art (to quote him, "Art is life! Without art, comic books would be but brief novels!"). Like most artists, he feels that his work is misunderstood, though it's pretty easy for us to know why people can't fathom the meaning of giant squirrels attacking a city, or a very depressing ghost trying to capture the theme "shiny, happy future" on the school yearbook cover. But Milo sticks to it, pursuing his muse for the mere enjoyment of it.

Some of the things Milo is most famous for in Hazelnut is being the Crunch Pod champ (4 years running, according to "Crunch Pod"), painting a couple of murals, and mowing the lawns of various people in interesting artistic patterns.

Most Memorable Quote:

"Less central nervous. More cardiopulmonary." - "P.A.'s Life in a Nutshell"

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