Full Name: Lydia Pearson

Age: approximately 41

Children: Pepper Ann and Moose Pearson

As a single working mother, Lydia is determined not to let her situation get in the way of her keeping control of her life. Having two daughters gives her a lot of responsibility, and a handful at times.

Between her job at "It's You", a clothing store in the Hazelnut Mall, and her daughters, you'd think Lydia wouldn't have time for much else. But she somehow manages to cook, go to PTA meetings, promote the store's merchandise, and volunteer for various activites.

Though it's been four years since her divorce, Lydia doesn't usually date. She did have a realationship with Pepper Ann's science teacher, Mr. Carter, for a while, but that didn't work out (which left Pepper Ann all the happier). Nor did her brief relationship with her line dance teacher, Bernie. However, Lydia seems content being on her own.

Most Memorable Quote:

"Ever since my divorce, our relatives have been treating me like that kid who sells raisins by the laundromat!" - "Thanksgiving Dad"

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