Full Names: Leo and Lillian Lilly

Ages: Unknown, though they did have their 50th wedding anniversary in "Cold Feet"

Children: Lydia Pearson and Janie Diggety

Leo and Lillian are good grandparents (and parents) as grandparents go, but they do have their annoying habits. Lillian's most annoying habit is making comments on Lydia's weight every time she visits.

But, beside that, Leo and Lillian are good people. They were always good to their daughters (to quote Lillian, "I celebrated women every day of my life by raising two of them in a loving, roach-free home."), and they are good to their granddaughters, dropping by for visits occasionally, and sharing old family stories.

In her youth, Lillian was a singer and stage actress. She gave up her career to marry Leo. Pepper Ann thinks she was crazy for doing so, but Lillian is happy with the life she has. As for Leo, there isn't much that we know about his past other than that he was in the army before he married Lillian.

Most Memorable Quotes:

"Lydia, darling! Looks like someone put on a few holiday pounds!" - Lillian, "Thanksgiving Dad"

"Oh, tennis balls, I left my eatin' teeth at home again!" - Leo, "Thanksgiving Dad"


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