The "Jennifer Ann" Debate

Severa people have asked about the "Jennifer Ann" thing, so here's the info on it as far as I know:

The Jennifer Ann thing is one of those long debated mysteries between PA fans. Some episode guides list her as "Jennifer 'Pepper' Ann Pearson". The reason for that could be because, back when PA was on ABC and Disney still ran a website for the show, there was a character chat with someone role playing as Pepper Ann. A chatter asked about PA's nickname and the role player replied that Pepper Ann's "real" name was Jennifer, but there were so many Jennifers in her first grade class that the teacher offered some sort or reward (I think it was free ice cream) to the Jennifer that came up with a unique nickname for herself. However, there is a flashback in the episode "Cold Feet" where Pepper Ann is a baby and Sherrie Spleen referrs to her as "Pepper". I don't think there's actually an episode where they say what PA's "real" name is, or even if she has one besides "Pepper Ann". So I think it's one of those unresolved things, like where Milo's hat came from.


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