Full Name: Janie Diggety

Age: approximately 39

Children: Nedward Diggety

Janie, the somewhat hyper sister of Pepper Ann's mom, is a good person, but she is kind of nosy and tends to get overly excited about things. She leads the local environmental group, "The Environ-Mentals" and always wants to get people to sign up and help with activities such as "Clean Up Lupkin Park", no matter how boring everyone finds them.

Though she can sometimes be annoying (especially to Lydia), Janie encourages Pepper Ann to do what she feels is right and to draw on the power Janie feels all women have. For example, when Hazelnut Middle School was going to mandate that the students wear uniforms, Janie got Pepper Ann to go ahead with the idea of a protest.

Janie is occasioanlly over-zealous and has done everything from getting addicted to the "War Monger" video game to being placed under house arrest for her rather public attempt to make a pair of whooping cranes migrate out of Hazelnut. It seems that she's never quite gotten out of the '60s!

Most Memorable Quote:

"You are woman, Pepper Ann! Let them hear you roar! Grr!" - "Uniform, Uniformity"

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