Full Name: Gwen Mezzrow

Age: 12 (most likely)

Gwen Mezzrow is the bubbly, blonde-braid girl that Milo can never decide if he likes. Gwen is usually associated with Dieter, though, because she once referred to him as her "real love" and they were together as a couple a few times. However, she and Milo tend to have alternate crushes on each other and are unable to like each other on the same day.

One of Gwen's worst experiences was probably when Pepper Ann accidentally started a rumor that she had lice. Not only did everyone give her a wide berth, but she also became the school outcast. Plus, Pepper Ann had a very hard time convincing Dieter that Gwen didn't have lice.

As for any budding romances, we'll have to wait on that one. Dieter insists that his "zepplin floats alone", and Gwen maintains that Milo is a "freak" most of the time. Given time, sparks may form...eventually.

Most Memorable Quote:

"Why do you think I have these black ribbons in my braids??" - "The Wash-Out"

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