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Obviously, we all love Pepper Ann around here. This section includes not only fanfic, but also any other groovy, fun, or just plain whacky PA stuff that PA fans can come up with!

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Fan-Sent Stuff

Fan Stuff

2/24/04 - The submission that prompted me to expand this section is certainly the star of the show here at Pepper Ann World. I haven't seen PA stuff quite this cool in a very long time. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting...

Slacker Style's PA Theme cover!

Click the link above to download this great cover of the Pepper Ann theme song! It's in MP3 format and it's just a bit over a megabyte, so it shouldn't take long at all.

When you listen to it, you're hearing a band called Slacker Style, made up of Chris Miller on guitar and Sam Alden on vocals. Chris was good enough to send me this MP3, and I've got to tell you, it's a lot of fun.

Chris was also good enough to send me something that a lot of PA fans seem to have been trying to hunt down for quite a while.

PA Theme Guitar Tab

The tab is in *.doc format. I'll try and get up an HTML page with it eventually. Thanks a bunch, Chris! This is a great addition to PA World!

Feel free to e-mail Chris with comments!


It's time to immortalize PA and all her whacky friends in stories created by none other than you: the Pepper Ann fan! Fanfic submission is now open on PA World, so if you have a story about the flame-haired wonder or any of her friends, go over here for the submission form! And if you're looking to post your story in more than one place, don't forget, or check out Buried in Brilliance!

Without further ado, here's fanfic sent in by PA fans just like you.

"Peppie's Craig" by Hush#2 - Rated G
Craig wants to tell Pepper Ann how he feels, but signs point to PA and Milo being a couple. Finally, Craig figures out the best way to express his true feelings.

Nicky's Song by John Gracie - Rated G
Nicky wants to sing a song to Crying Girl to help cheer her up, but she keeps getting interrupted by Pepper Ann and Milo.

Pepper Ann's Wild Ride (Part 1) by AJ Easby - Rated G
Pepper Ann goes horseback riding with Nicky, but she falls off the horse and bumps her head. You won't believe what she sees when she's out cold!
Pepper Ann's Wild Ride (Part 2) by AJ Easby - Rated G
Pepper Ann continues to dream while unconscious, but it takes a sudden turn. Find out what happens when she wakes up!

Pepper Ann's Moving? (Part 1) by AJ Easby - Rated G
Pepper Ann finds out the horrible news from her mother early one Saturday morning: the Pearsons are moving.

My First (Chapter 1) by Earl D. (terran siege tank) - Rated PG
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
In this story Pepper Ann finally gets her 'first' golden opportunity with Craig. What happens? Find out.

Peppie's Crusher (Part 1) by Bethany - Rated G
Pepper Ann is asked out by Pink-Eye Pete and doesn't know what to do. So she asks her mother for help.

Hazelnut's Lucky Day (Part 1) by PepperAnnFanV - Rated G
Pepper Ann and her friends are invited to a party, and they try and help Dieter get a date.

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