Full Name: Dieter Liederhosen

Age: 12 until "Have You Ever Been Unsupervised", when he turned 13

Dieter's most outstanding characteristic (besides the fact that he's almost always seen with some kind of food) is that he's German. His accent and his "Klaus the Uber Monkey" (Germany's favorite jeep-driving, cartoon uber monkey) shirt show this. Dieter also seems to have a competative streak, which he shows by challenging Pepper Ann now and then.

One of Dieter's biggest gripes is that his mother is "old-fashioned". He wants Mrs. Liederhosen to understand that he's an American. Whether or not she does is unclear, but we do know that Dieter is American enough for the kids in Hazelnut. His 13th birthday party featured not only Klaus, but also a game of "Spin the Bottle".

Most Memorable Quote:

"Whoa, step back Chi Chi La Bumba! This zepplin floats alone!" - "Crush and Burn"

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