Full Name: Crash (full name unknown)

Age: 7 (most likely)

Crash is Moose's best friend. Unfortunately, no one can seem to pronounce his name right except for Moose. He's been called everything from "Flash" to "Trash". He even wore a shirt with "My Name is Crash" printed on it in an attempt to get people to call him by his correct name, but it didn't work.

Crash and Moose, when seen hanging out together, are usually skateboarding. They seem to have a strange understanding of each other, as well. They can have an entire conversation without ever having to use full sentences, and still, amazingly, know what the other is saying.

Crash's favorite comic book is "Genetic Dozen". Once, he developed a crush on Pepper Ann because, in his eyes, she was a lot like Regenica, the heroine of "Genetic Dozen". Strangely enough, it only lasted until the next issue came out and a character that looked like Nicky was introduced. He also once managed to rope Nicky and Milo into playing a week-long game of Anti-Trust with him.

Most Memorable Quote:

"Um, my name is Crash."


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