Full Name: Craig Bean

Age: An 8th grader! (most likely 13)

Craig is the coolest kid in Hazelnut Middle school, and he keeps up the image well. He is never seen without his sunglasses, and catching a glimpse of his eyes is a rarity. He is most often seen loitering against poles, trees, or walls somewhere on school premises. He is also plays the guitar and is on the swim team.

Craig, though he is only in 8th grade, has a garage band, the coolest band in Hazelnut. They play at JavaNutt occasionally, and Craig occasionally asks Pepper Ann to come to their performances.

As for a crush on Pepper Ann, we know Craig has one. He wrote a song for her, intending to play it at a performance she came to see. However, things didn't turn out exactly the way they were supposed to, and she never got to hear it. Therefore, he goes on having a crush on her secretly, as she does with him.

Most Memorable Quote:
"Hey Pearson...cool cream." - Ziterella


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