Full Name: Cissy Rooney

Age: 12 (most likely)

Cissy is a stereotypical "dumb blonde". Though she once said that she "keeps up the image" so others won't be "intimidated", we can tell she has no idea what's going on in the world around her. You'll never catch her without her lip gloss, and her language is peppered with the word "like". She has never spoken a sentence that didn't sound at least a little like a question; not among those that we've heard, anyway.

Cissy apparently has no trouble fitting in and being popular, and, according to Pepper Ann, when Cissy's not in school, the position of "Most Popular Girl in the 7th Grade" is "wide open". This is fortunate for Cissy, for it leaves her free to ponder the ever-present dilemma--to quote her, "I want to be, like, homecoming queen, but then, like, how would I have time for cheerleading?"

Most Memorable Quote:

"Like, check it out, Pepper Ann. My lips are, like, my canvas." - "A is for Average"


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