Of all the people on the show, here are the ones that tend to show up at least semi-regularly. All the pictures come from the original official Pepper Ann homepage (which is no longer up), except those on Finky, Carter, Gwen, Stewart, and Sketch's bios. Those were sent to me by a fellow PA fan, whom I thank!! I wrote all the bios. If you wish to post these bios elsewhere, in whole or in part, plese e-mail me and ask permission. Enjoy!

Further "cleaning up" and updating of the bio pages will be occurring throughout the first quarter of 2005. Please report any problems to me via e-mail!

7th Graders 8th Graders Pepper Ann's Family Other People
Pepper Ann Craig Lydia Pearson Principal Hickey
Milo Sketch Chuck Pearson Ms. Bladdar
Nicky Hush Moose Mr. Carter
Trinket Poison and Tank Leo and Lillian Lilly Mr. Clapper

Aunt Janie Ms. Stark

Uncle Jo Jo Mr. Finky
Tessa and Vanessa

Ned Crash
Stewart Walldinger

Gwen Mezzrow


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