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All American Transport
A-1 Delivery Service
A & H Trucking
A & J Trucking
AAA Cooper Transportation
(ABH) Oversize Direct Ltd.
Able Auto Transport
AC Trucking
Ace Doran Trucking
Ace Trucking
Action Auto Transport
Action Express
Active Transportation Co.
 Adams & Son Trucking
Admiral Merchants Motor Freight
Admiral Transportation
Aero Bulk Carrier
Air-Land Transport
Air-Lite Transport
Air-Ride Incorporated
Albany Transport
Alcrest Transportation Services, Inc.
Allen Auto Transport
Allen's Transfer
Allied Van Lines
All-Loads Transportation, Inc.
Allphase Transportation
All Ways Trucking
Alterman Transport Lines
Alternative Transport, Inc.
Amaral Trucking, Inc.
Am-Can Transport
Amco Transportation
Ameri-Co Carriers
American Auto Transporters
American Central Transport
American Eagle Express
American Freightways
American Pacific Trucking
American Road Line
Amhof Trucking
A. MonteCalvo Trucking LLC.
Anderson Transport, Inc.
Anderson Trucking
Andrews Transport
Anty Trucking
AN Webber Inc.
A. O. Easley Trucks, Inc.
APA Transport
Apex Bulk Commodities
Appalachian Freight Carriers, Inc.
Aqua-Gulf Transportation
Arfsten Transfer, Inc.
Armellini Express Lines, Inc.
Arnold Transportation, Inc.
Arpin Van Lines
Arrow Trucking
Arctic Express
Asbury Transportation
Ashley Transportation
Associate Carriers Inc.
Associates for Transport in Quebec
Atkinson Freight Lines
ATC Express
Atlantic Pacific and Fillmore Trucking
Atlas Van Lines
Auto Haul
Automotive Carrier Services Co.
Autumn Transport
Averitt Express
B. A. Miller and Sons Trucking, Inc.
Bailey's Express
Bakerview Heavy Equipment Transporters Inc.
Bancroft & Sons Transportation, Inc.
Bass Transportation
Bear Transportation Services
Beilke Trucking
Bekins Van Lines
Bell Transportation Systems, Inc.
Ben Shinn Trucking, Inc.
Bender Transportation
Bennett Motor Express
Berry and Smith Trucking Ltd.
BESL Transfer
Bestway Services
BESTWAY Transfer
Bestway Trucking
Big Freight Systems, Inc.
Big Mac Trucking
Bill Davis Trucking
Bisson Transportation
Bitterroot International Systems, Inc.
B. J. Maheral Trucking
Black Cat Ventures Ltd.
Black Hawk Freight
Blue Flash Express
Bob's Transport
Bo-Mark Transport
Bonus Transportation, Inc.
Bork Transport, Inc.
Boss Trucking
Bottom Line Transport Inc.
Bower's Trucking
Bowlus Trucking Company, Inc.
BoWevil Express
Boyd Bros. Transportation
Boyle Transportation
B-Right Trucking
Brent Redmond Transportation
Brico Transportation Services, Ltd.
Bridge Terminal Transport, Inc.
Brockmeyer Company
Brookville Carriers Inc.
Brown Trucking Inc.
Bruce Wayne Henion Trucking
BT Trucking
Builders Transportation co., LLC
Bulk Express
Bulkmatic Transport
Bulk Transit Corp.
Bulldog Hiway Express
Bullocks Express
Burlington Motor Carriers
Burnham Express
Buske Lines
Butler Transport
C. B. S. Transportation
C & C Trucking
C & M Transportation
CFI Freight
CF Motor Freight
CalArk Trucking
Caledonia Haulers
Cannon Express
Capitol Express
Cardinal Transport, Inc.
CAR-GO Auto Transport
Cargo Transporters
Carlen Transport
Carlyle Trucking Company
Carnes Trucking, Inc.
Carroll Fulmer and Co.
Carry Transit
CAST Transportation
Catom Trucking
Cavalier Transportation Services
C.B.S. Transportation, Inc.
CDN Logistics
CDS Transport
Celebrity Freight Systems
Celedon Trucking
Centerline Specialized Carriers
Central States Trucking
Central Transport
Central Transporation Services, Inc. (CTS)
Centrestage Transportation Inc.
Challenger Motor Freight
Charlton Transportation
Champion Transportation
Chantler Transport
Cherokee Freight Lines
Cheetah Transportation
Chino Trucking
Chris Kefalas Trucking and Marine Transport
Christenson Transportation, Inc.
Chuck's Trucking, Inc.
Clancy's Motor Express, Inc.
Clark Bros., Inc.
Clark Carriers
Classic Motor Lines
Coastal Carriers
Coastal Transport
Coast to Coast Trucking
Coldtran, Inc.
Colonial Freight Systems, Inc.
Combined Transport
COMCAR Industries
Commercial Express
Compass Freight
Container Port Group
Continental Express
Controlled Process Transportation Inc.
Core Carrier Corp.
Comtrak Logistics
Condor Transport
Conner Transport, Inc.
Con-Way Transportation
Cooke Trucking Co.
Cool Runnings Express
Coosada Trucking
Corcoran Trucking, Inc.
Core Carriers
Cornhusker Motor Lines
Covenant Transport
CR England
Cranston Trucking
Creech Brothers Truck Lines
Cressler Trucking
Crete Carrier Corp.
CTI Trucking
Cuddeback Trucking
Currier Trucking Corp.
Curry Transfer
Custom Cuts
Daily Express
Dahlsten Truck Line Inc.
Dallas & Mavis Specialized Carrier
Dalor Transit
Dart Transit
Danny Herman Trucking Inc.
Dan Hughes Trucking
Dart Transit Co.
Davis Transport
Davis Specialized Carriers Ltd.
Dawes Transport
Dayton Freight
Deaton, Inc.
DeBoer, Inc.
De Bois Transport
Debrick Truck Line
Decker Transport
Dedicated Logistics, Inc.
Deeco Transportation
Deep South Trucking
Denver Intermodal Express ( D.I.X.)
Desert Empire
Diamond Transportation
Dick Lavy Trucking
Dick Simon Trucking
Digby Truck Line, Inc.
DIMEX Freight Systems, Inc.
Dirksen Transportation
Display Transportation
Dixie Trucking
Dixieland Express
D & D Sexton, Inc.
D.J. Franzen Trucking
D&K Trucking
D.L. Huggins Transport
DMD Transport
Domestic Freightways, Inc.
Doss Trucking
Double D Truck Specialties
DSD Trucking, Inc.
DTI - Diversified Transportation Inc.
Dunphy Trucking
Dupre' Transport
Dynamic Transportation
C.R. England & Sons
E.A. Holder Inc.
Eagle Carriers, LTD.
Eassons Transport LTD.
Eastern America Transport
East-West Express Inc.
ECK Miller Transportation Corp.
Economy Auto Transporters
E.J. Peter Trucking
Elderlite Express
Emery Worldwide
Empire Transportation Ltd.
Endicott Transportation Specialized
Energy Express Lines
England Trucking
Epes Carriers, Inc.
Equipment Express
ERB Group
Erickson Transport
Evans Trucking
Excel Transportation
Express Auto Transport
Expressit Transportation
Express Trucking
Extra Terrestrial Trucking
Extreme Express
Faith Transportation Inc.
Federal Express
Fikes Truck Lines
Fillmore Trucking
1st Choice Freight Systems, Inc.
First Express
Five Star Logistics
Fleetco, Inc.
Fleetline, Inc.
Fleetmaster Express
Flying Star Transport
Flynn Transportation Services, Inc.
Foodliner Transport
Florilli Corp
Forbes Transfer
Fort Transfer
Fortune Express
Four Ages
400 Freight Services Group
Fox Midwest Transport
Freight All Kinds, Inc.
Freight Escape
Freightmasters, Inc.
Freight Taxi Inc.
Freymiller Trucking
Galaxy Transport
Galto Trucking Inc.
Garvey Transport
Gary Heer Transport
GB Trucking
Genesis Transport
G-Force Express
G.I. Trucking
Gilliam Express
GJB Transportation Logistics
Glazier Trucking
Global Van and Storage
Go Express
Good Transportation, Inc.
Gordon Trucking
Gordon Sevig Trucking Co. ( GSTC )
Gra-Bell Truck Line, Inc.
Graham Trucking, Inc.
Grand Island Express
Great American Trucking Company
Great Coastal Express
Great Northwest Transport, Inc.
Great Western Transportation
Green Field Transport
Green Lines Transportation
Groendyke Transport, Inc.
Gunderson Trucking
GW Trucking, Inc.
H & H Trucking
H & M Bay, Inc
H & R Transport
H & W Trucking Co.
Hadley Auto Transport
Halvor Lines, Inc
Hansen Trucking
Harris Transportation
Harry Owen Trucking
Hartt Transportation Systems
Hatcher Trucking
Heartland Express
Henderson Trucking, Inc.
Heritage Trucking
Hiawatha Transport, Ltd.
Highland Trucking
Hight Marine Transport, Inc.
Highway Transport
Hill Brothers Transportation Inc.
Hiner Transport
Hines Trucking, Inc.
Hirschbach Motor Lines
H.O. Wolding Trucking
Hoekstra Transportation
Hoffman Transport
Hogan Transportation
Holland Enterprises, Inc.
Home Run, Inc.
Hood Transportation
Horseless Carriage Carriers, Inc.
Horseshoe Express
Hot Shot Express
Howell's Motor Freight, Inc.
HTL Truck Line, Inc.
Hunt's Transport Ltd.
Hurricane Transport
Hutt Trucking
Icon Transportation
Independent Dispatch, Inc (IDI)
Industrial Transport, Inc.
Intercontinental Transportation Systems
International Heavy Haulers
International Transport Sysytems
Interstate Distributor Co.
Interstate Van Lines
Intertransport, Inc.
Intrenet Trucking
ITR Trucking
Itz-Ohlson Transport, Inc.
IWX Motor Freight
J. A. Trucking
JDC Logistics
J-Mar Trucking
Jack Gray Transport
Jacobson Transportation
James H Clark & Son, Inc.
JARO Transport
J.B. Hunt
JBS Express
JBS Services
J-C Hauling Company
J & D Express
J&R Schugel Trucking
Jeff Foster Trucking
JEVIC Transportation
Jim Newsom Trucking
Jim Palmer Trucking
J. K. Hackl Transportation Services, Inc.
JO-ED Trucking
Johanson Transportation
John Cheeseman Trucking
John Christner Trucking
Johnsrud Transport
Joy Transport
J. R. B. Target, Inc.
JZ Trucking
Kane Is Able Inc
KBT, Inc.
KCB Trucking
Keen Transport
Keeney Truck Lines, Inc.
Kellaway Intermodal
Kel-West Carriers
Kelly Trucking
Kennedy Transportation, Inc.
Kennesaw Transportation
Kephart Trucking
Kerns Trucking, Inc.
Killpack Trucking
Kinard Trucking, Inc.
Kindersley Transport
Kishan Trucking Inc
Kittel Transport
K & J trucking
KKW Trucking
Klemm Tank Lines
Kleysen Transport
Knight Transportation
Knox Trucking
Koch Trucking
Kohler Trucking and Transportation Services
Kooi Trucking Inc
Kottke Trucking
Kreilkamp Trucking, Inc.
Kriska Transportation
Kruger Truckline
KTL Transportation
K.T. Trucking, Ltd.
Kuhnle Brothers Trucking
LA Xpress
LaBenz Trucking
Lakeside Warehouse And Trucking Inc.
Lakeville Motor Express
LandAir Transport
Landsbridge Transportation
Langford Inc.
Langer Transport
Larco Transportation
Larway Transportation
Lawrence Transportation
Leader Transportation System, Inc.
Leavitt's Freight Service
Leidtke Trucking, Inc.
Lessors, Inc.
L&H Trucking
Liberty Linehaul
Lion Transportation
Lion Trucking
Liquid Transport
Lisa Motor Lines
LoneStar Transportation
Long Transportation Services
LongHaul Trucking
Luckey Trucking, Inc.
LSG Trucking, Inc.

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