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Should I install the 7.02 patch and where do I get it?
Absolutely! It fixed many of the problems I was having. However, if you have the International English version, i.e. if the word "color" is spelled "colour," then you need to wait. You can down download the American English patch here.

Do I have to uninstall PSP6 first?

Absolutely not! When you do install PSP7, let it set up its own folder and do not attempt to install it into the same folder where PSP6 is already installed or you could have problems.  
What if I don't have the additional space on my hard drive for both versions? 
Before uninstalling PSP6, you may want to back up your PSP folders where you have saved tubes, brushes, frames, patterns, textures, into another location so that you don't accidentally  lose them.
Where do I find those folders?
Basically, that depends on how you have your computer set up to begin with. Most likely, C/ Program files/Paint Shop Pro 6. If you have PSP5, c/ Program files/Paint Shop Pro 5. 


Will I still be able to use my PSP6 tubes?

Yes, and it's even easier than ever to do so. You don't even need to convert PSP6 tubes to PSP7 format. (However you will need to convert PSP5 tubes). All you have to do is go to File/Preferences/File locations, find the path to your PSP6 tubes folder, hit ok and you are done. You can do the same thing for frames, brushes, and anything else you see associated with these tabs.

Will I be able to share the tubes I created in PSP7 with PSP5 and 6 users?
Yes and no. If you send share a .tub file created in 7 with a users of PSP6 or 5, they will be unable to open the file. PSP will give them an error message that the tube is not a valid file type.

What you can do: Use the "Save as" feature to save your image in PSP format. Click on the options button and save as PSP5 compatible. PSP6 users can open PSP5 compatible files as can PSP7 users.

Why can't I flood fill with a pattern any more? 
Oh, yes you can. And you can even paint with multi-colored brushes instead of using just a solid color. There's already a couple of good tutorials on how the new color and style palettes work. Visit PSPtoybox or Bill's site for more info. 
Can anyone help me out ? When I open the tools option box and click on tube tool, I get this message : "X access denied to C:\Program Files\PSP7\Cache\Tubes.jpc was denied" and the tubes are not listed in the tools option box. I have the preferences set, and I am lost as to why my 7 has no tubes.  (Note: This could also happen to your frames, brushes or shapes folder also.)
Your cache file has gotten corrupted. It's an easy fix and you won't lose anything. Go to Windows explorer, then find the Program files/Jasc Software Inc. folder. Click on the + mark to expand that folder
See the cache folder? Click on it, then delete the tubes.jpc (shapes, lines, which ever one is causing the problem) file. Shut down PSP then reopen it. The first time you try to access these files again you may have to wait a few minutes for the cache to rebuild especially if you have a lot of files in that cache. 

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