Progress Dump & Load Tools
  The process of dumping and/or loading data into a Progress database can be a real pain.  You can use the built in Progress tools, but they have there limitations.  I wrote a few Progress programs and shell scripts to help me overcome some of the limitations to make my job a little easier.
   Due to disk space limitations on our UNIX Progress database server, I wrote some Progress programs to dump/load using compressed archives.  I currently support gzip and bzip2, both can be downloaded for free from the web.  Other compression tools should be able to be easily supported if necessary, but why bother?  With certain compression options I found that the dump files were significantly reduced in size with little or no performance degradation due to reduced disk I/O.  In some cases the dumps/loads ran faster.
   I have added the ability to turn off triggers and disable indexes, so I can mimic the bulkload process.  I have found it to be useful for the disk challenged systems.