Neural Network Models in Excel
for Prediction and Classification

Here are two little toys in Excel. Using them you can build your own Neural Network models for prediction and classification in Excel. Also available here is a small powerpoint based tutorial on neural network based modeling for the beginners.

If you happen to be interested in Self Organizing Maps (SOM), click here to see a small clustering tool in Excel using SOMs. Also, if you are interested in tree based Classification Model, here is a tree based Classifier in Excel.

Once you download and unzip the files, you will find one Excel file inside each of these zip files. Before running the applications, I suggest that you go through the ReadMe worksheet of these Excel files. They contain brief instruction on how to run the application.

A few words about the application ...

There must be quite a few Neural Network implementations in Excel - freely available all over the web.
So why another one ? I tell you why. ....I don't know!

May be, you should check out whether this is useful, whether this is any good, whether this is any better than the others. Here is a very basic implementation of FeedForward - BackPropagation Neural Network, used for prediction and classification problems. You need to be a little bit conversant with the lingo here. I am expecting, you are at least familiar with the Neural Network terminology and have some vague idea about what it is, what it does, how it is trained and used .. etc. etc.

If you are not very familiar, search for Neural Network tutorials in Google. I bet, you will get hundreds of them. However, nothing stops you from downloading and playing with the toy - just for fun. Hey ! it is free ..

If you are a real pro in Neural Network modeling, I doubt you would be looking at this. I bet you have powerful specialized software doing Neural Network. You would probably have SAS, SPSS or a whole bunch of other stuff which will do the job for you. This is, however, a poor man's version of the things. Not very big, doesn't need any other stuff to be installed on your machine. Here I am guessing that like most of the mere mortals (e.g. me), you will have MS-Excel on your machine. If not, pardon me for an uneducated guess.

Kind of uses I can think of ....

Well... A lot of May Be's. Or may be you are none of the above. Whoever you are, if you have some spare time and a bit of curiosity, go ahead and check it out. Who knows? You might find it useful.

Here comes the techy part ....

Here are some nice features of the application ......

Stuff that are not so nice ......

Stuff that this application does not do for you ......

The application does not do any kind of data preprocessing for you. Before copying your data to the Data worksheet of the Excel files, you should really check the following things. They will improve the quality of the model predictions. These are some of the features which are nice to have and most commercial neural network packages perhaps would have. Given my limited time and resources - I could not put them in my application.

Having said all those things, I still feel that it is not too bad an application for small experiments and definitely pretty good just for fun. So wish you a happy experience with it. I would really appreciate if you could mail me your comments and feedback.

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