Dr. S.Bhagyalekshmi. M.A. Ph,D

More than 450 popular ragas in Carnatic music have been compiled in this volume. Each raga has been explained in detail with its svara notation, Arohana, Avarohana, Melakartha and Janya parentage, Raga Lakshana, and visesha sanchara. Each raga contains details about the compositions available in each raga with the name of the  composer and tala.
  • ISBN 81 85 381 12 7 / 2009/7th reprint/ 406 pages /   Rs. 275.00 / $20.00
  • Ragadhara - Audio Encyclopaedia  on Mela and Janya Ragas of Carnatic Music   



    Information on Melakartha parentage, its svara notation, Equivalent Western scale, Staff Notation, The Tamil Pann relationship, Hindustani raga equivalent are some of the important information provided for each raga.

    Each Raga is graphically presented with synonyms, Carnatic  letter notation, Staff Notation, ABC letter notation,  semitone intervals, sruthi bhedam, swarasthanas, varjya swaras, raga types, Western scale types, piano rolls and much more. An exhaustive master index on ragas, index based on different  classifications based on Sampoorna and Asampoorna Mela,  Hindustani, Carnatic, Tamil Panns, Kathakali ragasWestern scales, etc. Makes the book a very essential tool for understanding the raga concept as prevalent today..

    The objective of this book is to present a good and quick reference guide  for Ragas, simple and easy access to raga information and provide all information on different format in a single page.”

    An essential and comprehensive reference source with information on any type of  raga at your fingertips.”

    sample pages in pdf format

    NEW / 2008/  825 pages crown quarto size/  Rs 850.00 / $ 45.00/  ISBN 81 85 381 97 6

    Karnatic Music Reader


    The present reader in Karnatic music is a systematic introduction to the study of Karnatic music.  The reader in four parts covers the different musical forms in Karnatic music. The complete reader in 4 parts will be a compendium of musical forms of  Karnatic music.  The notation for  the compositions have been made in simplest form possible so that the student learner can learn them with minimal effort.  The  selection of compositions have been made to cover representative  composers of Karnatic music.

  • In the first part, starting with simple introduction and the history of  South Indian music, the book ventures into the teaching of fundamentals notes,  Saralivarisas, Janta varisas, Alankaras, gitam, svarajathi and jathisvaram.  The  lessons have been arranged in  simple notation. Audio cds  available covering the Sarali varisas, Janta Varisas, Dattu Varisas, Alankara, Gitam, Svarajathi and Jathisvaram rendered by Dr.S.Bhagyalelskhmy
  • The second part  covers the various aspects of varnam. The introduction gives a proper evaluation of various types of Varnam, and a note on different composers.  The notation of about 40 different varna in adi tala, ata  tala, and  pada varna have been notated in simple form for easy rendering. The varnas have been selected to represent the best from various composers of Karnatic Music.
  • The third part covers   Kirtanas.  A detailed introduction on Keertanas and various composers have been added. The notation of about 40  popular Kirtanas have been given in simple notation.  Representative compositions of  important composers has been selected.
  • The fourth part covers the musical  forms like daru varnam, padam, tillanas, tana varnas,  javali, ragamalika, utsava sampradaya keertanas, tirupugazh, kavadi chindu etc.  These compositions portray the varied facets of  Karnatic music.  All these forms have  an introduction about them.
      1. Vol. 1. / 96 pages /ISBN  81 85 381  46 1  /2001 ; vol.2 / 104 pages ISBN 81 85 381 47 X/1998 ; vol.3/ 104pages 
      2. ISBN  81 85 381 48 8 /2002 :    vol.4./ 128 pages/ISBN   81 85 381 49 6/1998    Price for 4 volumes Rs 250.00  / $30.00
      3. Audio cds are available  covering the
        fundamentals of Carnatic Music, Varnam, Kritis  in the
        Karnatic Music Learning Series 
        in twelve  part series rendered by Dr.S.Bhagyalekshmi


    Dr.S.Bhagyalekshmy, M.A.,Ph.D

    First volume in the series - This book contains  select compositions of Annamacharaya, Bhadrachala Ramadas, Ramanad Srinivasa Iyengar, Mysore Vasudevachar, Pallavi Sesha Iyer, Subbraya Sastri, and G N Balasubramoniam. with notation in English with text. The compositions are well notated for easy learning in simple style. The popular compositions have been selected so that these compositions can be learnt by more and more learners. The rendering of the notation can be used for learning in simple style

    2009/128 pages / Rs 120.00 / $15.00


    V.K.Krishna Prasad


    This Carnatic Music reader series introduces a systematic study of Carnatic Music with the help of western staff notation. The series has been designed with the beginner in mind so that he can learn to play the lessons on western instrument like guitar, piano, saxophone, violin etc. and midi instruments with minimum effort. All the exercises are presented in western staff notation, letter notation and conventional carnatic music letter notation. The series contains a basic introduction to western staff notation system.


    Book 1 - Fundamental lessons- Contains an Introduction to carnatic music, simple introduction to the concepts of western staff notation, Excercises for fundamental lessons starting from Saptaswara, Sarali varisa, Janta Varisa, Dattu varisa, Mandra sthayi varisa, Madhya sthayi varisa, Tara sthayi varisa, Alankaram, Gitam, Lakshana geetham, Jati swaram and swara jathi.

    The three part series for learning Varnam in western staff notation Adi tala and Ata tala Varnam is presented as a three part series, considering the importance of learning Varnam in western staff notation. The three part series contains extensive notation for 24 Adi tala Varnam and 10 ata tala Varnam in three parts.

    The three  part series on Kritis in western staff notation contains a selection of 45 compositions on various ragas of different composers presented in the same western staff notation supported by carnatic letter notation. The three part series contains different kritis in different talas.

    “Most suitable for learning and practicing carnatic music with western staff notation.”

    Set of 7 parts. Rs 710.00/$45.00

    Muthuswamy Dikshitar Compositions


    In this volume a representative collection of his 40 compositions of Muthuswamy Dikshitar have been notated in English in simple form, with  their text in English.An exhaustive introduction assesses the important contribution made by Muthuswamy Dikshitar to Karnatic  Music  including the literary heritage and various aspects of his music.  A comprehensive index lists over 450 compositions made by Muthuswamy Dikshitar.

    ISBN 81 85 381 50 X/  2008/ 3rd Edition/144 PAGES / Rs.120.00  / $10.00

    2 Audio cds comprising the audio rendering of the select compositions given in this book is available in the series 
    Carnatic Music Compositions series, a seven part cd series rendered by Dr..S.Bhagyalekshmy.


    V.K.Krishna Prasad

    Select 15 kritis of Muthuswamy Dikshitar, suited to instrumental music have been presented in western staff Notation. These compositions are best suited for playing on Keyboard, Piano, Violin. Contains carnatic music standard notation, text of the composition, western staff notation score.

    144 Pages/ 2009/ Rs 150.00/$10.00

    Golden Treasury of Compositions of Tyagaraja

    Dr.S.Bhagyalekshmy, M.A.,Ph.D

    Popular and selected compositions of Tyagaraja have been given in simple  notation with the text of the songs in English. The notation has been given in simple form so that these songs can be learnt with minimal guidance and can be attempted as a self learning package as well. The compositions have selected in such a way that they portray the  different ragas and compositions.  Introduction of Tyagaraja’s contribution to Karnatic Music has been  given in the first  chapter.  An essential book for the learner as well as the connoisseur.

    ISBN 81 85 381 36 4 / 1999 / pages 96 / 2nd Reprint /Rs 60.00  / $5.00

    2 Audio cds comprising the audio rendering of the select compositions given in this book is available in the series 
    Carnatic Music Compositions series, a seven part cd series rendered by Dr..S.Bhagyalekshmy


    V.K.Krishna Prasad

    Select 15 kritis of Tygaraja, suited to instrumental music have been presented in western staff Notation. These compositions are best suited for playing on Keyboard, Piano, Violin. Contains carnatic music standard notation, text of the composition, western staff notation score.

    144 Pages/ 2009/ Rs 150.00/$10.00

    Golden  Treasury of Compositions of Swathi Tirunal

    Dr.S.Bhagyalekshmy, M.A.,Ph.D

    The great literary heritage of Maharaja Swathi Tirunal brought through the ages have been  applauded by every quarters which are evidenced by the compositions  of   Maharaja Swati Tirunal of Travancore. In this volume 40 select compositions of Maharaja Swathi Tirunal have been well notated for easy learning. Introduction gives a comprehensive analysis of Maharaja Swati Tirunal's contribution

    ISBN 81 85 381 19 4 /1999 / 2nd Reprint / 96 Pages  Rs 60.00 / $8.00

    2 Audio cds/cassettes comprising the audio rendering of the select compositions given in this book is available in the series 
    Carnatic Music Compositions series, a seven part cd series rendered by Dr..S.Bhagyalekshmy
    V.K.Krishna Prasad

    Select 15 kritis of Maharaja Swati Tirunal, suited to instrumental music have been presented in western staff Notation. These compositions are best suited for playing on Keyboard, Piano, Violin. Contains carnatic music standard notation, text of the composition, western staff notation score.

    Rs 150/ $20.00/ 2009/ 156 pages

    Pancharatnakritis of Tyagaraja


    In This Volume Tyagaraja’s Pancharatna Kritis Have Been well Notated In English In Simple Form And With The Text In English.  An Introduction Portrays The Important Aspect Of These Compositions As Well As The Contribution  Made By Tyagaraja To  Karnatic Music.  An Important Asset For Any Music Lover. The Simple And Standard Notation Is Well Typeset For Easy Rendering By Learners Of The Compositions.
    ISBN 81 85 381 30 5 /  2000/ 40 Pages/ Rs. 30.00  / $4.00
    A 5 part Audio cd  for learning Pancharatnakritis of Tyagaraja  rendered by Dr.S.Bhagyalekshmy
    V.K.Krishna Prasad

    The 5 Ghana raga Panchartna kritis of Tygaraja, have been presented in western staff Notation. These compositions can be  best suited for playing on Keyboard, Piano, Violin. Contains carnatic music standard notation, text of the composition, western staff notation score.

    • Jagadaananda karaka - Nattai  * Duduku  gala - Gaula  * Sadimchane - Arabhi  

    • Kanakanaruchira - Varali    *  Endharo Mahaanubhavulu - Sri  

    144 Pages/ 2009/ Rs 90.00/$8.00


    The 9 Navagraha kritis of Muthuswamy Dikshitar have been well notated with an introduction. The notation is presented in easy to learn format. Complete with text and notation and meaning of the kritis.

    60 pages / 2009/Rs 60.00/$10.00


    V.K.Krishna Prasad

    Select 15 kritis of Purandaradasar, suited to instrumental music have been presented in western staff Notation. These compositions are best suited for playing on Keyboard, Piano, Violin. Contains carnatic music standard notation, text of the composition, western staff notation score.

    144 Pages/ 2009/ Rs 150.00/$10.00

    Carnatic Music Compositions


    This index is a quick reference source for locating carnatic music compostions. The index lists out the Raga, Tala, and composer for more than 7000 kritis properly indexed in this edition.   The  geneal introduction gives a complete information about musical forms like kritis, varnam.  Utsavasampradaya kritis, gitam, tillana, pada varna, javali, etc.   The book will be very much useful for musicians and the students alike. Can also be used as a ready reference for locating the songs, and other details relating to a composition.
    ISBN  81 85 381 40 2/ 1998/2nd reprint/216 pages/Rs 120.00/  $8.00

    Great Composers

    Dr.Gowrie Kuppuswamy and M.Hariharan

    Indian Music has reached its present position by the great contribution made  to it by the great composers. The present volume contains a detailed analytical evaluation of the great composers of  Carnatic Music.  The essays have been contributed by eminent musicologists like Sambamoorthy, Dr.Raghavan, T.S.Parthasarathy etc. The essays have been arranged in such a way that they portray the evolution and  development of South Indian music, from the from the 12th century composer like Jayadeva to the present  20th century.  The present volume  will be an important   contribution to  the study  of   Carnatic  Music and will be very useful for the student as well as the lover of Carnatic Music.

    ISBN 81 85 381 41 0 /  1994/264 pages/120.00  / $12.00

    Lakshnagrandhas in music

    Dr.S.Bhagyalekshmy, M.A.,Ph.D

    In this volume an attempt  has been made to study the 31 lakshana  grandhas in   Carnatic Music.  Each chapter deals with a complete study of the  Lakshanagrandha,  starting with a brief introduction, evaluates the important contributions on each treatise.
    ISBN 81 85 381 13 5/ 1991/272 / pages/ Rs 150.00  / $15.00

    Prahladabhakthi Vijayam of Tyagaraja

    Dr.Gowri Kuppuswamy and M.Hariharan.

    The text contains a critical study of the Opera and the complete text of  the Prahladabhakti vijayam in English. An exhaustive and critical introduction evaluates the text PrahladaBhakthivijayam in all its literary,musical and philosophical context.
    ISBN 81 85 381 43 7/1996/164 pages/ Rs 45.00  / $5.00

    Madhura Kala

    Dr.M.Hariharan, and Lakshminarasimhan.

    The present volume contains contributions from eminent musicians and musicologists in the field of music and Dance,  Performing arts. The article portray the different facets of the theory of music, the tradition of Music and its performance, the science of  Music, the concept of voice and Rhythm, the dance in its many splendours.  The last section on Miscellany traces the technical aspects of  Tolkappiyam, Meaning in Indian sculpture, Folk songs and folklore.  In  total these articles cover a wide range of Music and performing arts. The Articles have been contributed by various eminent authorities in Carnatic Music.
  • ISBN 81 85 381 14 3/  1991/226 pages/ Rs 250.00 /  $25.00
  • Mysore as a Seat of Music


    The work starts with the historical development of the Mysore State and goes on to assess the contribution of the Wodeyars and their patronage to Music.  The Vainikas who outnumbered vocalists in the court have been dealt separately  giving due importance to their contribution and the growth of Lakshana during  the period.  The Kings  who were also good musicologists,  added much  contribution in  the field of musicology and this has been analysed.  The author has brought to light much  unknown facts about musicians  of contemporary  period as well.  An excellent index of compositions of various composers in the court of  Mysore have been added
    .ISBN 81 85 381 17 8/   1992/ 232 pagesRs 300.00  / $25.00

    Devadasi System in Medieval Tamil Nadu


    The study covers the historical and cultural aspects of the Devadasi system as existed in  medieval Tamil  Nadu. Highly referenced  with sources from inscriptions, primary sources like oral traditions, the study will be an important contribution to the study of the Devadasi system of Tamil Nadu and the society and religious trends that existing during the period of the study.  The study covers an overall period from 300 B.C to 1800 A.D.
    ISBN 81 85 381 32 1/  1993/ 264 pages/Rs 205.00  / $20.00

    Tamil Music  Books


    Dr.Gowri Kuppuswamy  and  Dr.M.Hariharan
    Ragamalikas denotes a genre of musical compostions which are couched in a  series of ragas instead of the same ragas througout the compositions. It represents the novel platform for the composer and the musician to present his expression of musical thought.. 26 Ragamalikas of Various composers like Purandaradasar, Maharaja Swathi Tirunal, Pattanam Subramanya Iyer, Veena Kuppayyar, Muthuswamy Dikshitar, Seetharamayya, Karur Dakshinamurthi, Subbarama Dikshitar, Periyaswami Thooran, Jayadevar, have been well notated with text and notation in Tamil have been given. The ragamalikas portrated in this volume depict the growth and development of Ragamalikas as well. a well written introduction on the evolution of Raga malikas, its character and presentation has been undertaken.
                2002/ Rs 60.00/$8.00

    Bhakthi Padalkal

    Dr.Gowri Kuppuswamy & Dr.M.Hariharan  
    Bhkathi compositions have been the mainstay of carnatic music for a long time and all composers have contributed their  might in contributing to this field of literature and music. These compositions have been kept live by the oral tradition by the bhajana exponents and these compositions have been learnt by one and all. In this collection of devotional songs the authors have selected compositions from composers like Purandaradasa, Bhadrachala ramadas, Annamacharya, Swathi tirunal, Jayadeva, Andal, Narayana Tirtha etc. 31 compostions of various composers have been included in this book with notation and text in Tamil. An essential book for the musician and the learner alike.
    2002/Rs 60.00/ $8.00

    Keertana  Akaradi


    In this book a comprehensive index  of  more than 7500 songs in Carnatic Music have been given in Tamil alphabetically  indexed with the names of the  raga, tala and composer.  The book enables a layman to immediately recognise the tala, composer and raga of the song from the text and will be essential for  every music lover or a performing artist.
     81 85 381 70 4/ Rs 75.00  / $8.00

    Books by

    Tamil Padangal

    Gowri Kuppuswamy & Dr.M.Hariharan

    This book contains Tamil Padas of various  composers of   Carnatic Music..  The notation  has been given in simple style with the text of the songs in Tamil.  The introduction contains  a study of the development, literary and compositional aspects of Pada, An essential book for learners as well the  practicing musician.

       81 85 381 29 1 / Rs 60.00  / $8.00


    Gowri Kuppuswamy & Dr.M.Hariharan

    Javalis form an important musical form in  Carnatic Music. More than 40 Javalis have been notated in simple form alongwith the text of the songs. The compositions represent a collection of representative composers. The introduction traces the history, development and literary aspects of Javali. An essential book for the learners as well as the practicing musician.
    1997/164 pages / 81 85 381 64 x / Rs 75.00/$8.00


    Gowri Kuppuswamy & Dr.M.Hariharan

    The  present edition of the book contains 35 tillanas  notated in simple style in Tamil  of major Carnatic composers, including contemporary composers like  Lalgudi Jayaraman and Balamurali Krishna.
    1996/ ISBN 81 85 381 28 3 / Rs 90.00/ $10.00

    Purandaradasa Compositions

    Gowri Kuppuswamy & Dr.M.Hariharan

    Compositions of Purandaradasa  contains compositions of the great composer Purandaradasa in Tamil with simple notation and text in Tamil.  The songs have been well notated in simple style  so that the beginner as well as the performing artist is able to make  use of the notations.
    1997/3rd Edition/224 pages/81 85 381 37 2/ Rs 120.00/  $10.00

    Tiruvottiur Tyagayya Keertanaigal

    Gowri Kuppuswamy & Dr.M.Hariharan

    Popular compositions of Tiruvottiyur Tyagayya has been notated in Tamil with text. The introduction give a breif analysis of the contribution of Tyagayya to Carnatic music.
    1998/168 pages / ISBN 81 85 381 23 2 / 60.00 $ 10.00

    Sobhillu Saptaswara - Svarali,Gitam,Prabandham, Suladi

    Micheal Nixon and Savithri Rajan

    The book contains the notation of the Fundamental svaravali, Gitam, Prabandham and Suladi in Tamil and English set in adjacent pages. A useful book for the learning of fundamentals of Carnatic Music.
    1999/208 pages / 81 85 381 82 8/ Rs 60.00 $  / 10.00


    Approach To Bharatanatyam


    In the present  volume a comprehensive and detailed approach has been made to introduce Bharatanatyam to the lay readers as well as the learned exponent of Bharatanatyam. The first  chapter gives brief introduction of the concept of Bharatanatyam.  The second chapter takes the student to different kinds of presentation of Bharatanatyam.  The third chapter onwards different  technical details of Bharatanatyam like Adavus, Charis/gathis, padabhedas, angaharas, Karanas, Abhinaya, Bhava, Rasa and hasthas, Forms of Bharatanatyam have been given.  The last chapter on Forms  of Bhrathanatyam different forms of dances like Alarippu, Vamam, Sabdam, Tillana, Javali etc. have been described.  How they are presented in the concert etc.  been described. How they are presented in the concert etc. The last chapter contains the details of ornamentation in Bharatanayam and stage lighting. The Chapter on Tala gives a bsic introduction to the artist about the tala practice for Bharatanatyam. Contains  more than 200 illustrations. Each chapter is well documented and illustrated.  Contents:Introduction, Evolution and Development of Bharathanatyam, Stage as designed  by Bharatha, Tandava and Lasya, Nritta, Nritya and Natya: Adavus: Charis, Gatis, Utplavanas and Brhamaris, Angaharas; Padabheds; Karanas; Adbhinaya; Bhava; Nayaka Nayikabheda, Rasa; Hasthas; Forms of Bharatanatyam; Navasandhi, Costumes, Talam, Glossary; Index.
    1998/2nd Edition /192 pages/ 81 85 381 18 6/ Rs 150.00 /  $15.00