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In the Aglo-American media, only a handful of celebrities have shown the courage to defy the taboos and appear with armpits hairs in public or in movies. The list includes Susan Sarandon, Sean Young, Sharon Stone, Paula Cole, Geena Anderson and Julia Roberts. Of these, some of them were in movies and not noticed by the public or critics. There are also a few (in fact very few) less known females also dared to appear with pithair. Lisa Lyon (Miss Teenager USA 1984), Sportsstar Kelly Wiglesworth to name a few.

In Europe though private women in Germany and France prefer not to shave armpits hair, but once they become celebrities, they fall to the pressure of teh Anglo-American media. Notable exception to this rule are some German sportsstars, though well known, have appeared in public (Olympic Games etc) with unshaven pithair.

Paule Cole

In 1998 there was a big hue and cry when the Australian singer Paula Cole appeared to receive the Grammy Awards showing armpits hair! One columnist says " the singer's armpit hair was the second most-talked-about tidbit following last month's Grammy Awards!"

The Entertainment Weekly airbrushed her pithair before publishing the picture! From her side Paula Cole wrote a terse letter to teh Weekly asking them why they have done so.

A girl just used here freedom to shave or not to shave. It was made an issue (or debacle) by the puritans! Some even wondered if she had just forgotten to shave. But she had appeared in public with armpits hair before and after! Here are some shots [Click on the pics for an article and bigger pictures]:

Julia Roberts

Superstar Julia Roberts became so after her role in "Pretty Woman". She does appear in the movies clean shaven. But the decorum was broken when she appeared in public once with exposing her armpits hair!



Well done, Pretty Woman! Click for larger image


Julia Roberts was in London the week of April 25th, 1999 for the opening of her movie "Notting Hill." She was wearing a sleevless dress, raised her arms to wave at the crowd, and apparently 'everyone(?)' was aghast to see she did not shave her armpits (how unbelievably naughty)! The Sunday Times carried an article from a female writer India Knight who wrote "Unlike Julia Roberts, I have never been able to come to terms with female armpit hair. Apart from the fact that it looks like a particularly sinister and weedy type". How perverted here opinion is (and probably bringing up too!)

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone also appeared in a TV Show (or movie?) with unshaven and beuatiful armpits. A rare sight, because in normal pictures she is clean shaven.

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Kelly Wiglesworth

Born on June 24, 1977, in Greensboro, North Carolina, to Susan and James Wiglesworth, was Kelly Ann Wiglesworth. Today, 23 year old Kelly can be found water kayaking, rafting, or snowboarding. Something that Kelly does everyday is Yoga. What is more important is the fact that Kelly has appeared in public with her unshaven armpits hair!