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Note: Some of the sites and organizations have used the word 'hirsute' to refer to natural hair and the 'hairy movement'. Hirsute according to Oxfoed Dictionary means :"Having rough or shaggy hair; hairy, shaggy; transf. & fig. rough, untrimmed". This word has a derogatory meaning and we do not prefer to use this word at all!

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In Praise of Nature and Natural Girls

Over the years especially since 1920s razor companies and other depilator firms have brainwashed the Anglo-American females into believing that armpits hair is not only unfashionable, but ugly and even unnatural! What started as a commercial interest has now become a cultural taboo which has deeply affected and influenced the social behaviour! Today in the English speaking Western World about 90% of the females shave off their armpits hair. And they don't want to display armpits hair, neither in public nor in private!

In Europe many women never succumbed to this practice - especially in Germany, France and the old- East Europe. But after the fall of Communism in Russia and East Europe, the tendenices are fast changing - the females there now follow their American countertparts!

2009 Update: (2009-10-01)

We are moving to

Over the last few years, Internet has changed the perception about armpits and armpitshair very much. Many sites have appeared, showing beatiful female armpits - with and without hair. Among them ATK and AbbyWinters are extremely successful mainstream sites. Many others are also there now. This is a healthy sign. In spite of these both USA and UK are still refusing to admit that armpist are sexy and beautiful. Both the media, public and most dis-apponitedly even the porno field in these countries still hold the puritanical view thata rmpits are bad and unsexy! Guys are getting horny in public place slooking at hairy armpits and still they want to pretend  armpits are "ugly"!

A related news appeard in Sun, London on 29th Dec 2008. Here is it Zoe Overthrow Experiment Fails!

Belly Dancers Welcome:

Some sites have appeared on the net with pictures of belly dancers with a natural display of profound and beautiful armpits hair. We welcome this healthy sign and hope that this will make people oublicly aware of the natural beauty of the female body. Click on the image for a page on this.

A lot of things have changed since we started this site. Armpits and natural girls are now recognized widely over the internet. Just 10 years ago there were practically no site openly recognizing armpits or armpitshair as an object of eroticism. Those days a few small gif/jpg pictures appeared on some private sites - one of them was obviously Chloe Vevrier - the first named girl to appear with armpits hair on the net. Chloe's pictures appeared in Score Magazine and Danni Ashe's sites.

Later 1998/99 ATK sites openly marketed hairy girls pictures with huge success. For the first time on the net, series of girlie pictures (that too nice looking models) taken by professional photographers appeared. ATK's huge commercial success was yet again a proof that the world's desire to see natural girls were suppressed all these years - mainly by the US/UK based girlie magazines including Playboy and Paul Raymond publications! Their sexual freedom had limitations. Some of the traditional porno sites selling third rate movies and pictures were a total failure on the net.

In the last few years several other commercial sites started showing pictures and videos with proffuse display of armpits hair. Some of these, like Abbywinters, Australia are normal sites featuring normal good girls, but showed also grils with armpits hair- some of which were very good pictures.

Several bollywood (Indian) film sites also focus on the armpits. Though the actresses appear mostly clean shaven, at least they do recognize armpits as a highly erotic sex spot (unlike Playboy). Several free sites have appeared on the net publishing collected pictures of erotic armpits. A very healthy sign of a society trying to free itself from taboos enforced over a 70 years of propaganda!

Playboy-related news-item ine th US, recently denounced and ridiculed the importance of armpits!!! Playboy models are made of plastic...the same makeup, the same poses, the same contour-less body ... one can create them using some paint program --- no need to photograph live girls. Playboy culture has destroyed the erotic feelings of the Americans and resulted in a large number of people resorting to Viagra for erection! A pathetic consequence of pseudo- morality of the United States!!

This antipathy towards armpits hair is reflected in a variety of ways and platforms.
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    Cleavage A forgotten sexy icon! NEW Dec 2005

    Celebrities Conscious? 2005 Dec(updated)

    Drew Barrymore 2005/02

    Women's armpit scent 2005/02

    In public places and parties especially females are very careful to come with clean shaven armpits! Even in this free Western Socities athey are very careful not to be caught with pit hair! In the fashion magazines one never see a female with armpits hair! Girlie magazines like Playboy and Penthous are no exception! Pubic hair photos - OK, armpits hair picture - taboo! Literature and newspapers also have never been kind to pit hair. What about the sexual Guides from the so called expert consultants - no way. Other than a few exceptions most of them do not consider armpits an erotic spot at all. The author has one nice Sexual Guide Video - they have explored even the female vagina closely - but no mention of armpits or pithair at all. Not a single female in the Video show pit hair. This was supposed to be a serious Guide to Sex!! What about Porno Movies where they show all kinds of extras and aberrations? No way. Very few of them highlight armpits. A few females in the Danish vidoes do show armpits hair. But this has been just accidental, not intentional!

    In the following pages some of these topics will be analyzed in the coming days and months!

    Until then let's have some nice pictures of female armpits and armpits hair!

    A quick look at some beautiful armpits from the Web
    Deborah_Caprioglio has beautiful hair in her pits. The Italian was just 20 years old when her 62 year old boyfriend Klaus Kinski launched her career and life of notoriety by putting her in the co-starring role in his film Paganini, a sex flick that became an immediate scandal and prompted a lawsuit from the movie's own company on the grounds that it was “close to porn”. Michelle Rodriguez, sexy armpits

    Beautiful Elizabeth showing erotic armpits hair!

    Chloe Vevrier - One of the first known girlie stars to reveal armpits hair on the Internet.

    A scientific and serious home page for Human Behaviour - Sexual & otherwise!

    Armpits Lovers Headquarters New Armpits Lovers Headquarters, defending arguments for armpits . Good definitions for armpits lovers. We recommend this site. The following definitions are taken from the above site: We are happy to see that the site has not used the term ''hirsute'!!

    An Armpit Lover Dictionary - Ian Brown at Armpits Lovers Headquarters

    Sometimes when I'm writing for the site or chatting I use terms that perhaps not everyone is familiar with. This "dictionary" is collection of terms I have picked up from others over years of being a 'net savvy ApL.

    ApL: Abbreviation for "Armpit Lover", someone who is attracted to a woman's armpits.

    Peek: A slight view of a woman's armpit.

    Pit-Goddess: A highly revered "Show-Off" (see below).

    Pit-Shot: Visual media in which you see an actress's or model's armpit.

    Pit-Watching: Actively, or even passively, looking at attractive women and their armpits in puplic, like girl-watching. An ApL tends to have a unique ability to spot a single hot girl in a tank-top in a crowd.

    Side-Pocket: View of a woman's armpit when she has her arms out to her side or on her hips. Refers to the placement of the arms and the deep pocket-like shape of the armpit.

    Show-Off: A woman who frequently wears appropriate sleeveless attire and lifts her arms often showing off her armpits.

    Tease: A woman who frequently either wears appropriate sleeveless attire and never lifts her arms or wears shirts with extremely short sleeves (an aggrivating garment for a pit-watching ApL).

    "Y"-Pose: Describes a pose, popular in modeling, in which the subject has her arms up in the air. A favorite amongst ApLs.


    Note: Pictures are edited versions of pictures from the Web. Most of the images are taken from the net, some of the commercial sites. But we are not affiliated with these commercial sites at all and this site does not have fully naked pictures.

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